Saturday, March 16th, 2013
Bullying can be a horrifying experience for any child of any age. It sometimes can be hard to make bullies see the error of their ways, as they are either showing off, or inside have their own attention problems, which come out in the form of bullying. So what can be done about this situation, how can we make a more effective attack on bullying in all its forms? Many schools and companies have anti bullying policies and programs in place, but some are more beneficial to pupils than others.

One company named, 'Annabell kids' is a production company that provides Life Skill videos to schools locally and nationally. They have been releasing videos showcased in schools to pupils and students, the videos are all set to modern times with updated scenarios. The films use up to date, 'cool', music which helps keep the pupils attention, it's key to speak to pupils in a manner they can relate to, otherwise they will feel as though you are trying to tell them to do something. Coming down to their level makes them comfortable, and think you are genuinely trying to talk to them.

This years anti bullying slogan is, "Stop and think, - words can hurt". All forms of bullying have been tackled in many different ways. Yet all bullying begins with a verbal attack first. If you stop students from creating a problem verbally, you can stop bullying progressing and having an effect on a student. The saying has been around for decades, "stop and think", yet it always needs to be reinforced in a new way that relates to the children of this generation, and a video with up to date scenarios and material will get through to them.

Annabell kids latest video, "Rumours Hurt", is being released just around the time of, "anti-bullying week", so that it will be viewed by thousands of students worldwide. It will be brought right into the limelight, kids will be talking about it all over, and it's message will get through to them. When a bully watches the overall effects that can occur in someone's life, even years after school, they will see the error in their ways.

The video consists of jealousy, rumours and spite. It shows how you can avoid stooping to the lower levels of bullies and still stand up to them. The scenario painted in this film is that Janey (Samirah Jackson), doesn't like her cousin Stacy (Je'lyn Thompson), being friends with Diamond Lacy (Alexis Arceneaux), so she spreads a nasty rumour about Diamond Lacy (Alexis Arceneaux), causing the whole class to turn against her. Then Diamond Lacy (Alexis Arceneaux), learns how to stand up to Janey (Samirah Jackson), without getting herself and others into trouble.

This video teaches pupils to be able to stand up for themselves without taking extreme measures, or violence into consideration. It is crucial for pupils to be able to stand up for themselves so that they can gain confidence in their lives.

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