Friday, March 15th, 2013

All-in-One sound towers are relatively new to the scene. Rather than the traditional multiple speaker designs linked to a main unit, sound towers contain all of their features and mechanics in one single, stylish housing.

Sound towers are perfect for modern living. A sound tower is a floor standing speaker with a built in amplifier as opposed to a more common sound system that takes up valuable horizontal space with multiple components linked by wires.

Sound towers such as the GUNN iWall have 7 speakers in the one unit and are capable of docking an Apple device as well as playing wirelessly via Bluetooth directly from any phone, tablet or computer.

The All-in-One design eliminates wires and unsightly black boxes from our living area's while the cabinet is engineered to project sound efficiently. The iWall can also be used as a home theatre tower which eliminates even more wires from our rooms by taking the place of the surround sound.

The total floor area taken up by the iWall is 14cm x 40cm.

A GUNN iWall is all you need!

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