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Salads (76%), sandwiches (69%) and soups (65%): it doesn’t get much more virtuous than that. Baby Boomers have the healthiest food preferences of all the generations, according to the latest results from Roy Morgan Research.

Salads (76%), sandwiches (69%) and soups (65%): it doesn’t get much more virtuous than that. Take a bow, Baby Boomers – your food preferences are the healthiest of all the generations, according to the latest results from Roy Morgan Research.

When we asked Australians which kinds of food they most liked eating, the older generations demonstrated a marked preference for healthy options. Like the Baby Boomers, Pre-Boomers also named salad (73%), soup (68%) and sandwiches (64%) as their top picks.

It’s a different story among the younger generations, however. High-fat, high-calorie foods like pizza, BBQ chicken and hot chips still whet their appetites: especially Gen Z, for whom cholesterol remains a distant blip on their dietary radar.

Top 5 - Foods Generations in Australia like eating

Born Pre–1946; 1946–1960;   1961–1975;    1976–1990;    1991–2005.

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia), Australians 14+ Jan 2012 – Dec 2012 n = 21,539.


Norman Morris, Industry Communications Director, Roy Morgan Research, says:

“These results highlight the difference in food preference between generations. It’s no surprise the older Boomer generations like healthier options such as salads, soups and sandwiches: half of them report being concerned about their cholesterol level. In contrast, only 16% of Generation Zs are worried about cholesterol, so pizza is not yet the enemy.

“Boomers tend to agree more with statements about eating healthily than wanting to lose weight. It follows that their choice of salads and other less fattening food options is motivated more by a desire to stay healthy than to reduce their waistlines.

“In New Zealand, salads are also favoured by the Boomer generations, as well as Generation X. Pizza tops the list for Generations Y and Z, and by a far greater margin than their Aussie counterparts — around 80% favour pizza above all other food types.

“Food manufacturers and retailers, nutritionists and health departments need to understand how food preferences differ between generations, and how they evolve over time, in order to maximise their ability to market existing and new products and services.”

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