Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

The new book 'Power Marketing' contains over 60 ideas for low cost, high response marketing for small business, online stores, and service businesses. 

Small business owners may be stumped for ideas when they want more leads and sales, but their marketing budget doesn't stretch to TV advertising or high competition search engine ads. A new book for Australians will help, as it provides over 60 low cost or no cost marketing ideas.

When Jennifer Lancaster was starting out with her own copywriting business, she thought, "wouldn't it be good if there was a list of marketing tactics that you could just cherry pick from?" So she collated '63 Ways to Grow Your Business' - a cheat sheet to use when work was dry.

Thinking of all her and her partner's small business clients on a budget, she expanded these ideas into a manual, along with expert copywriting practices and sales conversion tips. (Copywriting is the art of writing persuasively, usually for marketing).

Now the manual has been revised to include the most useful marketing tools and techniques available today. How about a hosted CRM for $20 per month? Or an email marketing system that sends recent blog posts to subscribers automatically, all for free? And is Search Engine Optimisation work for business websites still worth the effort?

All these tips and more, are in the new book, "Power Marketing: an Aussie Guide to Business Growth".


Many small business and online vendors lack solid 'sales funnel' systems that continually attract leads and then warm them up. Jennifer explains that finding the right Cloud software, and outsourcing tasks, can help owners get to the next level of marketing automation, which ultimately means more freedom.

Read a range of marketing experts' tips, get new tips by email, and order the book atwww.PowerMarketingTips.com.au.


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Power of Words

Power of Words is a copywriting & editing service run from home in Clontarf, Brisbane, QLD. Our alliance with quality website designers 'Red Planet Design' means we help small businesses get their website looking good, sounding good, and optimised for search. From 2007 POW has self-published books on personal finance and marketing for businesses on a budget. Other titles: How to Kick Bad Spending Habits Sack Your Financial Planner Business Growth Toolbox---superseded by Power Marketing
Jennifer Lancaster
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