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Mega Lottery Syndicate Pools Members Money To Increase Their Chance Of Winning Says Mega Syndicate CEO

Victoria, Australia – March 12, 2013 – The idea of Mega Syndicate is to create large lottery syndicates of people so that the biggest possible Australian Tattslotto tickets can be purchased in Saturday Tattslotto to dramatically improve each members chances of winning!

Anyone can join this syndicate by simply signing up and putting in as little as $10 per week at the syndicates website www.megasyndicate.com.au to partake in each weeks drawing.

A full syndicate of 2,825 people can purchase the biggest lottery system ticket which is a system 20. A system 20 ticket is every possible combination of those 20 numbers, so if the 6 numbers drawn from Saturday Tattslotto are part of the 20 selected in the members syndicate then members are guaranteed a share of the division 1 prize pool! Not only that, those members also win a number of other division prizes because of all the combinations that have been entered.

To purchase a system 20 ticket it costs over $25,000! So it's very difficult for any one individual to purchase, however by creating a full syndicate of people all putting in small amounts of money together it becomes possible!

An entry in a full mega syndicate will give the syndicate member approximately 38,760 chances of winning compared to just 14 chances for the same investment in entering Tattslotto by yourself, according to the CEO of Mega Syndicate Stuart Coleman.

The syndicates are dynamically created each week, so the group of people in each syndicate can change week to week

Mega Syndicate has significantly lower administration fees than other syndicates (10% vs ~25%). This is much better for members because it means more of the members money goes to purchasing tickets in the lottery and not for fees… therefore increasing their chances of winning.

Mega Syndicate is cheaper than other syndicates ($10 vs $27 up to $500+). That’s obviously better for members because it’s a lower cost of entry each week to participate and therefore is also a lower risk for each member.

Mega Syndicate allows members to input their lotto numbers for the syndicate whereas other syndicates just give the ticket with no input from members on the numbers. This is better because it gives each member the feeling of more control, members might have ‘lucky’ numbers that they like using so this gives them comfort.

Mega Syndicate uses “weighting” on the numbers selected in the syndicates.
This is better than other syndicates says Mr. Coleman, because those members better at picking numbers will have their selections worth more than those who are unlucky. A lot of people often feel unlucky, so Mega Syndicate means they can join a group where those that are lucky will have more influence. To find out more, please visit www.megasyndicate.com.au. and while there also obtain your Free copy of the lottery book everyone is talking about.

Mega Syndicate
Via their website www.megasyndicate.com.au

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Mega Syndicate

Mega Syndicate is about bringing together large groups of people to purchase the biggest systems tickets for Saturday Tattslotto to significantly increase people's chances of regularly winning prize money.

The aim of Mega Syndicate is to progressively build up to purchasing one or more System 20 tickets each Saturday. As the syndicate membership grows we will buy the biggest affordable system tickets each week for Tattslotto in Australia until we reach System 20.

A System 20 ticket gives you 38,760 chances of winning compared to just 18 chances for the same investment in Standard games.


Stuart Coleman
P: 0457 971 067
W: www.megasyndicate.com.au


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