Saturday, March 9th, 2013

Chart-Topping Turn-Based RPG Optimized for Android Devices

PARIS -- (Marketwire)-- SQUIDS Wild West continues the story that started in chart-topping SQUIDS while offering exciting new gameplay challenges and improvements, ensuring it will be a hit with returning fans and new players alike.

In SQUIDS Wild West, a team of springy heroes continues their epic adventure across the seven seas to put a stop to the black ooze sliming up their idyllic kingdom. While exploring the aquatic frontier of Seawood, hometown of gunslinger Clint, players will meet up with four new playable Squids, including feisty cowgirl Calamary Jane and the mysterious Chief Ronimo. Plus the group will encounter a bevy of new enemies, environmental obstacles, stat-boosting helmets, and wild seahorses that can be captured and ridden into battle.

The colorful cartoon artwork, humorous storytelling, and catchy music fans loved in the original SQUIDS are back in the sequel, along with a number of new features and gameplay improvements. User interface enhancements make it easier for players to customize their party, adjust a mission's difficulty level, and unlock in-game items.

"We are very happy to bring the game to Android players, in particular to the many SQUIDS fans that were eager to discover our heroes' new adventures," says Emeric Thoa, The Game Bakers' creative director.

For the launch of SQUIDS Wild West, the original SQUIDS is also updated with new characters and missions, as well as Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Russian languages.

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