Friday, March 8th, 2013

The rise of bring your own device (BYOD), freemium software, and the reemergence of television, a provider of ecosystem services as well as app store technology such as Flypp could be an essential part of the enterprise roadmap, according to global analyst firm, Ovum.

In a recent technology audit, Ovum found Infosys Flypp™, a digital experience platform to be a well-developed ecosystem of services, large repository of apps and monetization processes differentiate it from standard-order app store technology and offer a completeness that is rare in the industry.

“Some of Ovum’s findings on the platform that was of significance was Flypp being able to provide a wide variety of devices, including phones, tablets, televisions, and automobile dashboards. Sessions can segue from one device to another, and can make use of two devices – such as television and smartphone – to provide a context specific, second screen experience, says Somak Roy, senior enterprise solutions analyst and author of the research.”

“We also found the ecosystem provides between 200,000 and 300,000 apps and content services – the volume is comparable with Google Play and the App Store. This includes items with global and local appeal, cross sector audiences, and industry specific apps. The apps vary from Sudoku and Angry Bird games to a dashboard tool for the automobile industry, Roy said.”

Ovum believes from extensive research that Flypp is a good candidate for most large enterprise app store requirements. It allows the buyer to develop an app store that is uniquely suited to the purpose and focused on enduser value, with Flypp handling the greater part of technology and vendor management requirements.

Infosys's status as a major consulting and IT services vendor is a strong positive for prospective app store customers. The process of creating apps involves extensive integration, and app store technology alone would only be a part of the project. This bolsters the case for closer evaluation of Flypp for large enterprise app store projects.

Flypp's ecosystem value proposition is distinct from its technology; the technology provides comprehensive app store features, a converged, multiscreen digital experience, and the enterprise essential capabilities expected of a vendor of Infosys' scale. It also provides a tool set for app discovery, personalization, branding, and retailing. However, the ecosystem is far more ambitious.

“It is our opinion, Flypp as a provider of ecosystem services as well as app store technology that helps enterprises and operators to develop the right apps for engagement, utility, and retail has a promising future, concludes, Roy.



Methodology: Ovum Technology Audits are independent product reviews carried out using Ovum’s evaluation model for the relevant technology area, supported by conversations with vendors, users, and service providers of the solution concerned, and indepth secondary research.

The Flypp Digital Experience Platform 2.1 review is the first of 4 product reviews to be conducted for 2013.

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