Friday, February 5th, 2010
The Deception
A novel by Anthony Santoro

In the early hours of the a cold, winter morning the body of a woman turns up at Melbourne International Airport - murdered.

The case seems open and shut until it's discovered that the chief suspect, the woman's husband, has fled the country.

Enter Detective Mike Felice, a life-beaten Melbourne detective whose past is shrouded in failure and personal shortcomings. With the lure of redemption, he takes on the case and is dragged into the criminal underworld of Asian crime syndicates and suburban crime lords. Redemption, however, comes with the possibility of a huge cash reward - but only if he breaks the laws he has sworn to uphold and protect.

Mike needs to decide: solve the case or break the law and win the cash? And, he needs to decide fast, too, as another cabal is working overtime to steal the money before he does. Mike's victory over criminal big-wigs must come off perfectly, or his wasted life will go on wasting...if he doesn't wind up dead!

'The Deception' is the bestselling prequel to 'Last Decent Man'.

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Anthony Santoro

Anthony Santoro is a Melbourne-based writer. He has several bestselling novels to his name including The Deception and Get Your Book off the Ground.
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