Saturday, March 9th, 2013
There is a decline in retail fashion sales in Australia through brick and mortar stores. This is being driven by a price war from pure play online stores. Fashion retailers need to do something soon to bolster their customer experience online.  With international stores coming online to Australia, retailers need to move fast.

Instafit is a system for measuring customers in store. By delivering this information to the customer in store this will improve their experience with the retailer. Then when they go online, they can use that information with the retailer to shop online be comfortable knowing that the clothes they purchase will fit. Instafit also allows retailers to do some pretty interesting things regarding real time sales with SMS or Smartphone App and also with their store inventory and loyalty programs.

Instafit is the system to bring revolution to fashion retailers in Australia. Instafit will help them embrace the showroom aspect of being Omni Channel retailer and retaining customers inside their own online shop, whilst empowering their customers to shop online without fear of buying clothing that doesn’t fit.

InstaFIT bridges the gap between offline and online fashion retailing by providing measurement to the customer but only to the online store that they were measured in.

"Technology should be invisible" -- Jack Dorsey said this in an interview recently and this is what InstaFIT aims to be. By integrating into existing fitting rooms, customers will be able to engage with the technology naturally, so that when they go online they will be able to shop naturally.

James Dyson said: "It is refreshing to experience a country so Keen to embrace new ideas and one which places such a high value on technology."

Australia is definitely the right place for InstaFIT, with the changing retail landscape and customers who embrace technology so quickly, it is definitely an exciting time for InstaFIT.

Instafit Founder and CEO, Justin Verhoef, has this to say: "Fashion retailers have an enormous opportunity to embrace show rooming and online shopping as part of an Omni channel strategy and create a truly engaging in store customer experience. InstaFIT is the system they will want to look at if they want to be successful in defeating pure play online stores and take their customer experience to another level online."

Instafit is currently looking for retail fashion stores who want to trial this technology in their stores.

Instafit Founder and CEO, Justin Verhoef is available for product demos and interviews.

You can call him on 0423704338 or email him on [email protected]

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InstaFIT was founded in Jan 2013 by Justin Verhoef. He had the idea for Instafit a few month before whilst building a chocolate 3d printer. He found that the most frictionless place for a customer to create a digital model of them self would be in a clothes store but measurements would be more useful to them. InstaFIT bridges the gap between offline and online fashion retailing by producing measurements to the customer but only to the online store that they were measured in. This important step will allow retailers to embrace show rooming and not be afraid of pure play online stores. We are currently looking for partners to start using this great technology - they are self funded and ready to GO.
Justin Verhoef
P: 0423704338


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