Friday, March 1st, 2013

The PM Julia Gillard may face a tough sell on staple ALP issues when she visits the marginal seat of Greenway in Sydney’s west—they just don’t care as much about them.

Roy Morgan Research Electorate Profile: Greenway

Polling conducted by Roy Morgan Research over the past two years shows voters in Greenway are far less likely than the average Australian to rate health services, education or the environment as a Top 3 important issue, and are the least likely electors to rate open and honest government.

Out of the 150 electorates, Greenway ranks 148 on the proportion of its residents who rate the improvement of health services and hospitals as a Top 3 issue. It ranks 115 on concern for improving education and 133 on global warming and climate change.

But on open and honest government, Greenway ranks dead last: only 8% of local voters rate it as important compared to 17% nationally.

Its electors also give below-average weight to managing the economy, the needs of families and keeping living costs down.

Instead, Greenway is in the upper fifth of electorates rating tax reduction (21% of electors) and illegal immigration (15%) as most personally important, and in the upper third for concern for reducing crime (16%).

Greenway’s elevated concern for reduction in tax, crime and illegal arrivals bodes poorly for the ALP. When asked which party they consider better on each issue, voters in Greenway scored the LNP higher on all counts: reducing taxes (45% to 30% for ALP), illegal immigration (65% to 15%) and crime (46% to 29%). The ALP scores higher only on education, the needs of families, and a fair workplace—issues down the list at 7th, 8th and 11th most important respectively

Health services and education rank behind illegal immigration and crime in Greenway and while open and honest government is becoming a major consideration nationally, people in the mortgage belt of Greenway still care more about interest rates.

Despite being a Top 10 national issue, global warming and climate change is issue 13 of 18 in Greenway—one step below Australia’s ageing population.

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