Friday, March 1st, 2013

Australian author Brett Ross is about to embark on a new life on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua. Having grown up in a quiet, beachside village on the north coast of NSW, Brett hoped to emulate that environment for himself as an adult. However the reality was that the financial cost of local property meant it was out of reach for Brett. Fortunately though, after travelling in Mexico and other parts of Central America, Brett discovered that it was still possible to buy beach side property in Nicaragua without the heavy burden of a huge mortgage. Brett and his partner have secured their own piece of paradise on the shores of Playa Marsella, Nicaragua. Coinciding with the move, Brett has self published a hilarious book called ‘Young Ned', the story of a young man from a north coast town who is at a crossroad in his life.

‘Young Ned' is an absorbing tale of a turning point in a young man's life. Disillusioned and disappointed with his life in an Australian coastal town, Ned and a couple of friends embark on an adventure through Southern California, Mexico and Central America. On this journey Ned and his mates have some crazy experiences and hilarious encounters with a variety of fascinating characters. The humorous and detailed descriptions of the characters and escapades at home and abroad heve the effect of pulling you ever deeper into the story. And the lead character Ned's genuine desire to live a life less ordinary...his spirit for adventure, his curiosity and his ability to open himself up to incredible possibilities through his interactions and experiences with his neighbour Ronald are captivating. If you are in the mood to be entertained by a unique, hilarious and well written book that may just inspire you then read ‘Young Ned' without delay. Although based on some real life experiences while travelling and including some familiar locality names Brett's book is fictional. It is available from Amazon books.

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