Wednesday, February 27th, 2013
The incoming Chief Executive Officer of Australia’s leading Human Resources technology company is encouraging the HR industry to adopt more quantifiable staff selection techniques.

Warwick Kirby, newly appointed CEO of Onetest which specialises in psychometric and skills testing, said that as the era of “big data” approaches, human resources professionals need to embrace data-driven decision-making in order to drive sustainable growth.

“The HR industry as a whole has relied largely on unquantifiable selection techniques for too long,” Mr Kirby said.

Mr Kirby, who has held senior leadership positions with a range of leading business technology companies, is a graduate and fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and possesses a Master degree in Business Administration and in Education. More than two decades of experience allow him to see firsthand the best methods of assessing future employees.

Mr Kirby says, “We have reached a juncture. The era of ‘big data’ is upon us and in order to continue to improve HR outcomes organisations need to explore and incorporate scientific selection methods into their recruitment process.

“Psychometric testing has been proven to be one of the most effective indicators of future job performance in prospective candidates and, when paired with structured interviews, offers more insight into how a candidate will perform once hired.

“The types of information companies typically use to select candidates, supplied in resumes and application letters, has proved to be one of the least effective means of predicting future job performance. Organisations are increasingly incorporating science, such as psychometric testing to improve talent selection practices.

“Onetest is already a successful company in the Australian market and there is a clear opportunity to build on this success and extend our reach to the Asia Pacific region.”

Mr Kirby became CEO of Onetest in December 2012. For more information on Onetest, visit

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