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World-first organic professional haircare product protects scalps from harsh hair colour products; to be launched next week at Cosmoprof; hairdressers use with existing colour products for great, healthy results.

Australian organic personal care company The Green Lab is tackling toxic hair dyes head on with its innovative Colour.proprotective range, which works with the existing products professional hairdressers already use to achieve great colour results safely for their clients.

A world-first organic approach to protecting the scalp and general health of haircare clients, is expected to cause a stir when it’s launched next week at Cosmoprof, the world’s biggest and most prestigious beauty trade show (to be held March 8-11, in Bologna, Italy).

Developed over the past four years by respected trichologist and innovator Peter Francis, offers protection from problems that are often associated with hair colour and on-scalp bleaching, such as skin staining, burning, itching and irritation.

Mr Francis says that is the first product range to address the long-term concerns of clients about toxic chemicals when they colour their hair.

“The more information that comes to light about the dangers of the current hair dye formulae, the more our clients have asked for a low-chemical approach,” Mr Francis says. allows hair stylists to use their existing colour products to achieve the perfect colour without compromising their clients’ health.”

Clinical studies show that approximately 1% of the chemicals contained in hair colour penetrate the scalp into the bloodstream during processing.

“This all starts within 5 minutes after the application,” Mr Francis says. “ is a real breakthrough -- it offers a system of Organic Certified tools for professional colourists to protect the scalp against skin staining and chemical penetration, as well as reducing discomfort for their clients during and after hair colouring.”

Visit The Green Lab team at Cosmoprof Stand L6, Hall 21.

Here are the 5 ColourPro products to be launched at Cosmoprof:

Colour Shield is mixed into the pigment/bleach prior to on-scalp application.

Scalp Shield is sprayed onto the scalp prior to application.

Hairline Shield is manually applied around the hairline, nape and onto the ears to protect from overlay of pigment or bleach on the hair.

Nano-Pep is rich in two plant Peptides, anti-inflammatory wheat peptides to cool and soothe a scalp after colour or between colour applications and neutralise creeping oxidation in hair and scalp once the colour has been removed and it also contains Blue Lupin Peptides which lock in colour for up to 30 shampoos thereby preventing colour fade. The Wheat Peptides also prevent hair breakage by more than 80%.

Colour Exit is a pure certified organic Colour Stain Remover rich in Australian Essential Oils to gently and effectively remove unwanted colour staining from the scalp skin or wherever staining occurs.

More About ColourPro Colour Shield Scalp Protection

A certified organic barrier gel, ColourPro Colour Shield Scalp Protection fortifies the skin’s natural ability to resist colour chemicals penetrating into the bloodstream through the scalp. This action reduces skin staining by more than 95 percent and substantially decreases scalp burning and itching associated with hair colouring and bleaching.

The product is mixed with colour pigments prior to adding oxidative developer.

Colour Shield assists in two ways. Firstly, by creating an epidermal barrier, shielding the body from harmful colour chemicals. Secondly, it is rich in ionically charged nano-peptides, plant esters and anti-oxidants to support the internal structure of the hair fibre throughout colour processing.

The result is reduced hair damage and substantially reduced skin irritation and staining.

Improves true tonal uptake and helps prevent colour fade by minimising porosity within the hair fibre.



• Clinically proven to prevent hair breakage by more than 80%. • Substantially decreases scalp burning, irritation and itching • Improves true tonal uptake and helps prevent colour fade • Minimising porosity within the hair fibre. • Reduces skin staining by >95%.



• Scalp and hair is protected whilst adding improved strength, condition and elasticity to the hair. Substantially reduced skin staining.

Recommended for:

• Delicate, sensitive skin • Itchy, scaly scalps • Assistance in preventing scalp staining and burning • All chemical services

Certified Organic Declaration:

99,67% of the total ingredients are from natural origin. 40.7% of the total ingredients are from Organic Farming*. Natural and Organic Cosmetics certified by ECOCERT Greenlife in accordance with the ECOCERT standard available at .

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About Cosmoprof 2013

In 2013 Cosmoprof will celebrate its 46th birthday, cementing its role as a leading worldwide “beauty event” and the undisputed meeting place for international operators in the sector. The event’s strength lies in its ability to bring together the entire beauty universe on one unmissable occasion, hosting members of the industry from all over the world.


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Peter Francis

Peterr Francis is a globally respected Trichologist, a World Master Hairdresser, innovative business leader, educator, fine artist, and formulating chemist. Trichology is the branch of medicine that deals with the scientific study of the hair and scalp. In 1986 Peter was awarded The "Ronald Salinger Award"... tpresented to those people who have made a major contribution to the science of trichology, world-wide. In 1995 Peter became the first Australian to be awarded the title of ‘World Master of the Craft’ by the Art and Fashion Group International in New York. Peter also holds a string of key national awards from Hair Expo Australia, including the award for ‘Australian Excellence in Hairdressing Education’ in 1995 and 1996 and the title of ‘Australian Image Styling Champion’ in 1995. He was also a finalist for ‘Australian Hairdresser of the Year’ in 1996 and was awarded the ‘Australian Image Styling Champion of Champions’ in 2000.
Peter Francis
P: +61 (0) 8 8295 3514
M: 0433 144 532; +61 433 144 532

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