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Tis the season of ‘awards buzz’, and Australia’s 11 million adult cinema-goers are indeed getting buzzed: people who go to the movies are 20% more likely than those who don’t to have had a drink recently (73% to 61%).

62% of Australians 18+ went to the cinema in the past year, and those who saw a romance, drama, thriller, comedy or action/adventure are more likely to have had a drink.

For anyone hosting or attending an Oscar party when the winners are announced this Monday, February 25, Roy Morgan Research has further examined the drinking preferences of fans of the nine Best Picture nominees.

Romance movies like Les Miserable and Amour

- Romantics are no lightweights: this is the only group to favour spirits over beer.

- They are over twice as likely as the general population to drink cider.

- Romantics drink red wine equivalent to the Australian population, but are 35% more likely to drink white.

Dramas like Lincoln and Beasts of the Southern Wild

- Any wine will do for Dramatic quaffers: they are the most likely group to drink red wine, white wine, and sparkling.

- Drama viewers are the least likely group to drink beer, and are especially antipathetic toward full-strength beer.

Thrillers like Zero Dark Thirty and Argo

- Thrill-seekers are the most likely to drink beer, and the least likely to drink RTDs.

- They are 50% more likely than the average Australian to drink premium or imported beer.

Comedies like Silver Linings Playbook

- Comedy watchers are 69% more likely than average to drink cider, and 40% more likely to drink an RTD.

- This group is the closest to the national average for Full Strength beer consumption, but 18% below for low alcohol beer.

Action & Adventure movies like Django Unchained and Life of Pi

- The least likely of these five genres to drink, but still above national average.

- 1 in 2 had a drink of wine: the closest of these groups to the national average.

George Pesutto, General Manager – Media & Communications, Roy Morgan Research, says:

“Going to the movies continues to be a favourite evening out and social occasion for a large number of Australians. The cinema offers a great environment for product marketers to reach a truly engaged and receptive adult audience.

“The range of movie types enjoyed by Australians who like a drink offers alcohol advertisers extensive opportunities to target both mass and niche markets for their products. It seems there is a beverage ideally suited to each and every genre.”


Cinema-goers who’ve had a drink, by genre

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia), October 2011 – September 2012 (n = 50,518).

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