Friday, February 22nd, 2013
Fire systems service specialist Wormald is encouraging the installation of fire suppression equipment on farm vehicles and harvesters to help prevent machinery and crop fires. Wormald National Product Manager Steve Oxley said due to the size, fuel carrying capacity and cost of today’s farm machinery, particularly harvesters, appropriate vehicle fire suppression systems compliant to Australian Standards should be installed. Fire extinguishers suitable for smaller fires, or fires that may occur outside the risk area should also be installed.

Oxley said, “We are seeing growing interest from farmers to install vehicle fire suppression systems. Anecdotally, they’re telling us that insurance companies are imposing higher excess payments on these expensive machines, up to 10% on the cost of a $600,000 vehicle, unless they install vehicle suppression systems.

Vehicle fire suppression systems

Wormald offers a comprehensive Vehicle Fire Suppression (VFS) System, which is suited to different types of farm vehicles, from tractors to harvesters. In the event of a fire, the principal aim of Wormald’s system is to provide early detection and warning, allowing extra time for the driver to safely evacuate whilst also suppressing the fire to help minimise damage to the vehicle.

The Wormald Foam Water Spray VFS System consists of high pressure, small droplet nozzles which discharge a continuous stream of foam water spray at high risk areas, such as engine and transmission compartments, and hydraulic areas. The system utilises the fire suppressing and containment features of Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF).

The VFS system offers both manual and automatic actuation options to suit individual preferences. It can also be recharged on the spot, which is particularly beneficial for vehicles travelling into remote areas where specialised support might not be immediately available.

Wormald’s VFS system is ActivFire listed to be compliant to Australian Standard, AS 5062-2006: Fire Protection for Mobile and Transportable Equipment. In accordance with AS 5062, Wormald provides a fire risk assessment process which assists in determining the most appropriate system to use for each vehicle application. Another major component of AS 5062 is the regular inspection, testing and preventative maintenance and survey activities for the VFS systems, to help ensure a system is fully functional and will perform as designed if a fire occurs.

Fire extinguishers

Powder ABE fire extinguishers are the most widely used type of fire extinguisher and are ideal for the cabs of tractors and farm vehicles. Powder fire extinguishers discharge a fine powder that absorbs fuel molecules, depriving the fire of a fuel source. Ansul Sentry powder fire extinguishers are compact and lightweight and are ideally suited for extinguisher coverage on mobile or transportable equipment. Ansul Sentry extinguishers are available in sizes ranging from 1kg to 9kg.

For farm sheds and buildings, the choice of fire extinguisher will depend on the size and purpose of the building and also what is stored inside for example, flammable liquids, petrol, paint etc.

For further information about Wormald’s vehicle fire suppression systems or fire safety products, call 133 166.

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