Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Teekay Shipping Australia has chartered three more high powered Rotor®Tugs from KOTUG International to boost maritime services for the mining industry in Western Australia's North-West region. 

Teekay Shipping Australia has boosted towage operations in the Port of Port Hedland in Western Australia, chartering three more 80+ bollard pull tonne Rotor®Tugs on behalf of BHPB Billiton Minerals.

The 'RT Rotation', 'RT Sensation' and 'RT Inspiration', supplied under contract from KOTUG International, will join three powerful Rotor®Tugs already operating in the Port.

Teekay Shipping currently provides crewing and technical management services to BHPB, which now boasts a fleet of 14 tugs in what the mining sector regards as Australia's busiest port.

Managing Director of Teekay Shipping Australia, David Parmeter, said the new charter was a great vote of confidence in Teekay's operations.

"It demonstrates our ability to work with BHPB Minerals to ensure the Port’s towage operations safely and effectively meet current and projected demand," Mr Parmeter said.

The Port Hedland Port Authority is forecasting an increase in throughput results from 247 million tonnes per annum (mtpa) in 2012, to nearly 500 mtpa by 2017.

Teekay and KOTUG's close working relationship, particularly in Port Hedland, has been further solidified by the establishment of joint venture company KT Maritime Services Australia, created in July 2012.

Mr Parmeter said the partnership was "an opportunity to combine the mutually beneficial strengths within Teekay and KOTUG."

"On one hand Teekay is a proven Australian operator of tankers, bulk carriers, FPSOs, FSOs, tugs and a diverse range of specialised vessels for both commercial and government applications.

"Conversely, KOTUG is a world leader in the tug boat industry and has been consistently recognised and awarded by its peers over the past 25 years. It is widely regarded by the international maritime community as a world class, highly innovative marine towage service provider," he said.

Currently, KT Maritime is actively engaged in working with owners and proponents on a number of Australia's key resource projects.

KOTUG currently owns over 40 tugs located in Australia, the Netherlands, Germany and Africa. Teekay operates a total of 16 tugs in Australia, located in Port Hedland and Hay Point (Queensland).


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KOTUG is an international maritime service provider. KOTUG offers its clients a high quality level of services based on a safe, efficient and eco-friendly operation.

With a century of experience combined with a modern fleet, KOTUG has built its reputation as a competitive and innovative player in the maritime industry for harbour towage, coastal and deep sea towage, salvage and emergency response, tug management, crew training, chartering, brokerage, offshore services and assistance to the dredging industry.

KOTUG is dedicated to constantly improving its quality of service to meet client needs using the latest technologies and equipment, combined with the provision of highly trained crews. KOTUG distinguishes itself from the market by the development of the patented Rotor®Tug concept. The principal advantage of this vessel is its remarkable maneuverability, provided by three azimuth propulsion units.

KOTUG recently introduced the World’s first hybrid RotorTug, the ‘E-KOTUG’, which operates in the Port of Rotterdam.

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KT Maritime Services

KT Maritime Services Australia Pty Ltd, a marine towage services provider, was incorporated in July 2012, and is a joint venture company established by reputable ship owners and operators, KOTUG International B.V. and Teekay Shipping Australia Pty Ltd. KT Maritime has been established to provide marine towage solutions to the Australian energy and resources sectors. The new joint venture was born out of the recognition that the Australian marine towage industry is evolving into a market which demands the highest level of safety, technical innovation, operational expertise and sustainability practices. It combines KOTUG's world class technical marine towage acumen with Teekay's proven local knowledge and Australian track record. We work with our clients from the outset, to assist in the development of marine towage solutions designed to maximise crew safety, terminal throughput, asset security, local industry participation and operational efficiencies. KT Maritime's 'partnership in power' aims to re-energize a market sector viewed by many as uncompetitive, leveraging off of the impressive reputation, experience, technology, and practical know how of KOTUG International and Teekay Shipping.
Jamie Anderson, KT Maritime Services Australia
P: +61 417 985 963


Teekay boosts towage, Port Hedland



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