Wednesday, February 20th, 2013
Adelaide-based digital media developer, Holopoint Interactive, has released a demonstration of its newest product "Preview", a 3D visualisation application that displays a house design in high-resolution 3D on an Apple iPad, allowing the user to walk around the virtual house in first person.

Anyone who has built a home will likely attest that the hardest thing about building a house is choosing which house to build in the first place. Browsing builder websites and catalogues are often met with dozens of confusing looking floorplans that do not always provide a clear picture of what is on offer. If you are lucky, the builder will have a display home of the house design you're interested in. If you are luckier, that display home will be located a convenient distance from you and also is open when you have the spare time to view it.

One of Preview's key uses will be for house building companies to market their designs and services through a virtual catalogue. This will allow homebuyers to download, explore and fully understand those designs from the comfort of their own living rooms. The product will give them a level of spatial information that they simply never had access to before.

At a fraction of the cost of building a display home, a builder could build 3D display homes of their entire catalogue using this technology. This 'Virtual Display Home Catalogue' is another tool that builders can add to their marketing toolbox, providing another way to engage its target markets, especially in a market environment that has seen better days.

"Despite the current weakening trends in the building industry, marketing is still a very important action for companies to take part in and definitely is not something that should be cut from budgets." said Holopoint's Marketing Manager, Mitchell Chapman. "A company that reduces its marketing activity only allows space for others to fill with their own messages. Companies and organisations are quickly forgotten when they stop talking about themselves."

"It doesn't just stop there," says Holopoint CEO, Ben Kilsby. "The preview technology can be utilised differently by many companies within the building and construction industry. Architects and construction companies can use the technology to apply for competitive tenders, being able to express the complexity of their designs with a robust but simple and intuitive medium. Through the sheer quality and interactivity of this product, they can better communicate their vision to investors."

Holopoint is providing a web browser demo of this product on their website ( The iPad demo can also be accessed through the iTunes app store (only works on iPad2 or higher). Holopoint also plans to make the application compatible with android and mobile devices at a later date.


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Holopoint Interactive Pty Ltd

Holopoint Interactive is an Australian digital media company that specialises in innovation, 3D visualisation and interactive content. With keen interests in simulation and serious games, their values are defined by the creation of innovative products that they can share with the world.

Founded in 2007 by co-founders Ben Kilsby and Richard Taylor and celebrated their fifth successful year in business. Throughout these five years, Holopoint has serviced a variety of industries including healthcare, defence, mining, manufacturing, training and education.

Holopoint's innovative and unique approaches to problem solving have led the company to recently being acquired by the Australian-owned and operated Prism Consolidated Group. Holopoint's sister company Prism Defence was recognised as the SA Exporter of the Year at the 2012 Business SA Export Awards.

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P: 0433 194 537


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