Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

In a quest to control their weight, more than 100 000 Australians have now downloaded Easy Diet Diary, confirming it as the most popular Australian calorie counter app for iPhone.

Easy Diet Diary is developed by small Brisbane-based company, Xyris Software, to help ordinary Australians achieve a healthy weight. Obesity rates in Australia are climbing with 63 per cent of Australians (over fourteen million) now classed as overweight or obese (according to the first results of the Australian Health Survey, released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in October 2012). Being overweight or obese increases a person's risk of developing diseases such as cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes.

CEO of Xyris Software, Chester Goodsell, said that users have reported successfully losing weight by using Easy Diet Diary to track their food intake and exercise.

"We offer a simple, free diet diary that people can have handy on their phones to record their food and exercise on the go.

"What distinguishes us from popular American calorie counter apps, such as My Fitness Pal, is that Easy Diet Diary is specifically for Australians. We have high quality, up-to-date Australian food data. And we cater for Aussie quirks, such as the need to switch easily between kilojoules and calories."


Dietitians have been quick to take advantage of Easy Diet Diary as a useful tool for their clients, and not solely for weight loss. Sports Dietitian and Fellow of Sports Dietitians Australia, Greg Cox, said that Easy Diet Diary provided an easy-to-use option for athletes to record their daily food and fluid intake.

"The compliance of athletes in recording their intake using Easy Diet Diary has been much better than with traditional pen-and-paper food diary methods. 

"An added benefit for me is that the diary can be uploaded straight into FoodWorks, allowing me to provide a quantitative assessment with minimal fuss."  FoodWorks is professional nutritional analysis software, also produced by Xyris Software.

Lead developer, Gary Hunter, said Easy Diet Diary's popularity showed that it was meeting a real need. "In recent months, Easy Diet Diary has been consistently in the Top 10 in its category (Health and Fitness) and second only to My Fitness Pal in calorie counters.

"Our users’ feedback is really positive, but they are also letting us know the features they want next! "

Easy Diet Diary includes a barcode scanner for over 30 000 Australian food products,  and allows users to track energy intake, major nutrients and calories burnt during exercise. 

The Easy Diet Diary development team includes several dietitians. "Easy Diet Diary is a serious tool to empower Australians to make healthy changes in their eating habits - either on their own or with the supervision of their dietitian or doctor," said Director, Geoffrey Grantham. "But it is also designed to be easy and fun to use.”


The development of Easy Diet Diary is ongoing.

'Australian Calorie Counter - Easy Diet Diary' is available as a free, Australian-only download from the App Store for iPhone™ 3GS/4/4S/5.

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Xyris Software (Australia) Pty Ltd

Xyris Software is a small Brisbane-based company founded in 1988. Xyris has been developing nutrition software for Australian nutrition professionals for 25 years, most notably the FoodWorks® range for dietitians, food technologists and nutrition researchers. With Easy Diet Diary, Xyris is turning its attention to the general public.

Easy Diet Diary was first released in July 2011. There have been 6 releases to date. At the time of writing Easy Diet Diary ranks number 4 in the free apps in the Health and Fitness category of the Australian App Store.

The food products database used in Easy Diet Diary is developed by Xyris in partnership with The George Institute for Global Health, an internationally-recognised health research organisation affiliated with the University of Sydney.

In developing Easy Diet Diary, Xyris draws on its expertise in dietary assessment methodology, food composition data, and developing nutrition software.
Geoffrey Grantham
P: 07 3223 5300
M: 0438 449 523


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