Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

Viewers across the nation tune in to The Biggest Loser, many of whom are overweight and desperate to find motivation and answers to help them also shed their unwanted body-fat.

But is it realistic to let people think that 15kg of weight loss in one week is normal, or even realistic? We already have a society who want quick fixes and overnight solutions, add to this the pressure of having them feel that losing 10-15kg a week is ‘normal’ and they are more likely than ever to feel that they are failures when they can’t achieve these results.

For every day Aussies that are not locked away for months on end with a personal trainer and chef’s, losing weight permanently requires a balanced approach and permanent lifestyle changes; changes that are real, that are simple and that are effective – not something that requires drinking their meals for the rest of their lives or having them feel hopeless or like failures when it doesn’t work.

So, with over 7.4 million Australian adults classified as overweight or obese and those figures expected to increase by 50 per cent within five years*, Sonja Falvo (Director of Real Body Enterprises) has launched the inaugural National Fat-Loss-a-Thon. Ms Falvo sees this event as a necessity for our nation’s health and wellbeing.

“I want to help build a healthier and fitter country, so I have set a goal to help 4,000 Australians lose 24,000 kilos and raise $250,000 for The Sports Rewards Foundation between 1 January and 17 May, 2010’,” MS Falvo said.

Each participant in The National Fat-Loss-A-Thon will take part in a 12-week online program developed by Real Body Enterprises, with the chance to win more than $13,000 in cash and prizes.

The event is aimed at improving overall health and wellbeing, assisting in weight loss and providing simple and effective lifestyle changes, Ms Falvo explained.

“The National Fat-Loss-A-Thon will help to raise awareness of the importance of physical activity and healthy lifestyle habits for the prevention of obesity, type II diabetes and heart disease” she said.

Registration for the National Fat-Loss-A-Thon began on 1 January 2010 and entries remain open until 28 February, 2010. Participants will receive online access to information and guidelines on how to follow the 12-week Real Body Program, including recipes, meal plans and exercise programs. Ms Falvo wrote the program after two years of research and through her work with three nutritionists.

Entry is confirmed with a $10 donation to the Sports Rewards Foundation and each participant’s 12-week program must be completed by 17 May, 2010. Winners are judged 50 per cent on their physical results (from their before and after photos) and 50 per cent on personal questionnaire answers.

The National Fat-Loss-a-Thon is supported by the following sponsors:

Real Body Enterprises www.RealBodyEnterprises.com
PB Sports www.pbsportsnutrition.com
Swish Events www.swishcorporation.com
Strawberry Communications www.strawberrycommunications.com.au
Westpac www.westpac.com.au
Blooms Health www.bloomshealth.com.au
Hound Dog Graphics www.hounddoggraphics.com.au
Balanced Magazine www.balancedmedia.com.au

For more information visit www.fatlossathon.com and http://www.healthyweightweek.com.au/index.asp

* Australian Bureau of Statistics: Overweight and Obesity in Adults Australia 2004-2005, Catalogue 4719.0


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Real Body Enterprises Pty Ltd

• Real Body Enterprises aims to deliver a sensible, realistic approach to healthy eating and lifestyle to provide long-term fat loss, increased self-esteem and quality of life
• Real Body Enterprises wants to reduce the global epidemic of obesity in children and adults through education, support and a program that is designed to deliver results to every person, every time
• Real Body Enterprises CEO Sonja Falvo is an author of two bestselling books, keynote speaker and has a strong passion for helping people to improve their long-term health, wellbeing and self-esteem
• Sonja Falvo was also Director of What Women Want Personal Training in Brisbane and National Fitness Manager for Fitness First in the UK
• Real Body Enterprises: Level 16/120 Edward St, Brisbane, (07) 3392 0770 or [email protected]
Sonja Falvo
P: 07 3392 0770
M: 0424 506 902
W: www.realbodyenterprises.com

The Sports Rewards Foundation

• The Sports Rewards Foundation is a not-for-profit entity
• It was established to remove barriers to entry for children involved in physical activity and organised sport (to combat the childhood obesity epidemic) as well as to actively promote physical activity and organised sports to children and teens
• The Sports Rewards Foundation aims to raise awareness of the importance of physical activity for better health in children and donate more than $2 million per year to grass roots sports.
• Visit www.SportsRewards.net.au and click on Foundation for more information.


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