Wednesday, February 13th, 2013
Author and columnist Zoë Foster is the latest Aussie celeb to voice concern for the orangutan species, joining The Orangutan Project (TOP) this month as its newest ambassador.

Zoë, alongside former MP Natasha Stott Despoja, media personality Bianca Dye and Channel 7 actress Cornelia Frances, are all working to raise awareness about the Critically Endangered orangutan. The orangutan species is in peril, and facing a loss of habitat as more and more palm oil plantations expand across Borneo and Sumatra, devastating the dwindling natural rainforest.

Palm oil plantations are created by destroying forest areas that are not only home to Critically Endangered orangutans, but a range of other threatened species including Sumatran rhinos, tigers, elephants, gibbons and proboscis monkeys.

Zoë has always had a deep fondness and great awe for orangutans, and has been privately supporting TOP for almost ten years now. Zoë has had a successful career in the magazine industry as a beauty editor and writer, and has penned five books to date, with the latest, ‘The Younger Man’ released last February.

“The orangutans are in dire straits, and it is our duty to help those who cannot help themselves,” Zoë says, adding “their numbers are diminishing rapidly, their habitat is being destroyed, poachers hunt them – why wouldn’t we help them?”

Orangutans are highly intelligent and mesmerising creatures, sharing 97% of human genetics and being one of our closest relatives. It is a tremendous battle to help protect the orangutans’ habitat, which is constantly under threat due to illegal and legal land clearing.

“It is almost entirely human activity that has put the orangutans on the endangered animal list, which we must rectify, as like humans, they are deserving of love support and respect”.

President and Founder of The Orangutan Project, Leif Cocks is a huge supporter of Zoë joining The Orangutan Project saying, “It is incredible to have Zoe and so many wonderful people on board, supporting TOP in saving the orangutans. They need us now more than ever, and with an increased awareness of their needs, I’m hoping we can save this amazing species before it is too late.”

Zoë believes it is extremely important that we continue to do all we can in our power to help protect these beautiful creatures from becoming extinct, with their admirable intelligence and so many shared similarities to human beings. Zoë has also fostered orangutan twins Ganteng and Ginting through TOP, to assist in providing the support, care and rehabilitation they need to survive.

The general public can help support Zoë and her campaign with The Orangutan Project at or 1300 RED APE (1300 733 273).

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