Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

IT recruitment agency Charter Bridge Consulting sees job candidates commanding large salary increases even as Australian unemployment hits 5.4%.

According to the latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics the national unemployment rate hit 5.4% in December. While these figures are quite modest compared to current unemployment rates abroad many workers find them extremely worrying.

Digging deeper into the data Queensland saw the worst of the recent job losses while New South Wales gained 56,400 jobs, just behind Western Australia. An even larger concern is the revelation that public sector job vacancies have been reduced by 30% over the last year.

There may be hope for those in healthcare and energy fields, but by far the best job growth and opportunities for 2013 and beyond lay in the IT sector.
Recent media coverage of the situation and a survey of Australian IT leaders found 18% reporting a shortage of related workers.

The 1st quarter 2013 report by one global recruiting analyst projects the biggest need is for:
• Network Engineers
• Change Managers
• Mobility Developers
• Security Specialists
• Virtualization Engineering
• Developers
• Strategists
• IT Architects

Salary and employment forecasts issued last year called for technology pay to increase 3-8% by this year. However, with the demand for mobile apps and development exploding it is now possible for those with mobile experience to demand as much as 15% over market rates and more.

Still, Australia is likely just beginning to feel the pinch when it comes to filling IT positions. With venture capitalists and accelerators currently plowing millions of dollars into new tech startups the demand is only set to grow. Not all entrepreneurs launching these new firms are experienced coders themselves and will be seeking out top talent armed with deep pockets, as will be the firms buying them out.

However, recruiters are warning IT professionals to make sure they position themselves well prior to exiting existing positions. While staying at the forefront of tech is a major concern for employers today employment consultants reveal that in these leaner times companies prefer not to hire than to make the wrong hire.

Richard Burke, Managing Director of Sydney based, IT staffing and resourcing firm Charter Bridge Consulting, advises job seekers to look for opportunities that match their industry experience as well as technical skills, to ensure they clean up their digital dirt and social media profiles before applying, are a good fit for the company culture and focus on highlighting the tangible benefits they can deliver to prospective employers.

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