Sunday, February 10th, 2013
HORSES are the beneficiary of a new collaboration of horse industry organisations who combined forces today to support the change of careers for horses transitioning from racing to that of a riding horse.

Believed to be the first of its kind in Australia, the “Changing Rein” industry forum saw Thoroughbred and Standardbred owners, trainers, re-educators and equestrian coaches meet to look at ways to support horses through career change in a more formalised manner.

Initiated by the South Australian Racehorse Owners Association (SAROA), the collaborative network also includes Horse SA, Harness Racing SA and Thoroughbred Racing SA with assistance from Racing Victoria and Harness Racing Australia.

“Our aim is to promote & assist the successful transition of retiring thoroughbred racehorses and standardbreds into new careers after their racing days have ended.” said Richard Stafford, SAROA State Secretary. “Horses may be retiring due to injury, age, lack of ability on the racetrack, problems with funding their continued racing careers or a combination of some or all of these reasons. Some may have never raced at all.”

Dual Olympic Gold Medallist Gillian Rolton OAM was a guest speaker, sharing her experiences about training racehorses into successful equestrian sports horses. Lisa Brown, from Victoria, presented on the concept of establishing a Thoroughbred Riding Club in South Australia. Gary Kairn from Harness Racing Australia spoke about a new program and website “Standardbreds Unharnessed”.

“Not every horse will change careers successfully to become an equestrian competition super star, however there are wide range of new roles that can be found for suitable horses including endurance riding, trail riding, pony club and pleasure” said Julie Fiedler, Executive Officer for Horse SA.

Racehorse trainers who have horses nearing the end of their racing career are encouraged to seek out a re-trainer who can support the transitional education period needed to turn a racehorse into a riding horse.

Riders are likewise encouraged to seek out the services of an equestrian coach who can provide positive support and access to expert advice during the tranistion training phase.

With the wealth of knowledge of such a wide range of horse industry experts creating new networks with a shared vision, horses will have the best opportunity to Change Rein.

Equestrian coaches who have expertise in educating horse and rider combinations through the transition period are now listed on, along with re-trainers. Other suitably experienced people are encouraged to apply to for listing.

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Horse SA is part of a collaborative team including SA Racehorse Owners Assoc., Thoroughbred Racing SA, Harness Racing SA with assistance from Racing Victoria and Harness Racing Australia.
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