Thursday, February 7th, 2013
7 February 2013, Melbourne - Australia’s leading professional editing company, The Expert Editor, has announced its expansion into China, including its new Chinese-language website.

Although China is a tremendous opportunity for Australian exporters, The Expert Editor is the first professional editing company to service this growing market.

The new website complements the existing Australian website,, and provides an opportunity for Chinese speakers to engage an English editing company in the convenience of their native language.

The Expert Editor edits academic and business material, and specialises in helping non-native speakers improve their English communication. With its presence in China, it is now a global editing company that competes with heavyweights from the UK and America.

Brendan Brown, founder of The Expert Editor, says that the Chinese market is a great opportunity for Australian exporters. “China is a massively growing export market for Australia, and we’ve already seen many export success stories, including in education and natural resources.

Brendan argues that professional English editing is an up and coming service for Australia to export.

“English is the language of globalisation. 300 million Chinese people speak English, to some degree, which is equivalent to the entire population of the United States. All these people need help in producing quality English documents, including students, academics, businesses, professionals and scientists.”

The globalisation of English has touched almost all areas of life. English is the language of education, business, media, IT and science, and is the functional language for innumerous things, from air traffic control to worldwide jihad.

Brendan believes that Australian businesses can cash in on this phenomenon. “Australian editors should have global ambitions. English is being rapidly adopted around the world, especially in education and business. As an English speaking country, Australia (along with Britain and a couple of its other former colonies) is in a perfect position to service the subsequent demand for editing.“

Australian editors are increasingly in demand to edit written material from non-native English speakers around the world.

“Editing is the perfect online business in that all we need is an Internet connection and we can help people around the world”, says Brendan. “Australia might be at the bottom of the world geographically, but we’re not an isolated country when it comes to the English editing, in fact, we’re in the middle of it.”

For more information please contact Brendan Brown on 0413126323 or [email protected]

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