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February 07, 2013 - Adelaide, SA, Australia - notable spill and pollution control & management specialists - Prenco Environmental - demonstrates due diligence in the event of spill either on land or water by taking all steps necessary to prevent pollution and minimise environmental damage.

For over 50 years, Prenco Environmental has helped organisations in different industries to contain and control spills By providing innovative products and the latest technology coupled with fast and immediate response.

Whenever spills occur, even how rare it might be, Prenco Environmental is ready to provide:


  • High quality materials such as absorbents, spill kits, spill containment, bunding, drain protection, water gates and barriers. These response resources are selected according to the anticipated risks and readily available to respond when needed.

  • Spill Contingency Plans - should bad turn to worse, Prenco Environmental can draw contingency plans based on site survey report. This contains emergency spill response procedures, personnel actions, registers and specific site information.

  • Spill response training services - should you need additional knowledge and skills for your team, Prenco Environmental can provide on-site and spill risk specific training to prepare personnel to respond safely to spill accidents, to use resources correctly and to follow spill contingency plans quickly and efficiently.

  • Equipment Maintenance Programme - Prenco can provide you with a regular service programme to refill and maintain as well as assure the quality of your equipment to valuable resources which are all reflected in the reports we provide.


Prenco Environmental recognises the importance of our environment to the future wealth and well-being of both your business and the community sectors. With this in mind, we have developed a unique range of products and services to protect against and safely handle environmental hazardous spills of all kinds and help prevent pollutions and environmental damage.

All Prenco Environmental's services and products meet and conforms to the OHS&W requirements. Because of their outstanding efforts and dedication, Prenco Environmental was a the EPA Cleaner Production Award Winner in the small business category and recognised as the Technology Award For Innovations Toward Environmental Solutions in the 2000 KESAB Metropolitan Environment Awards.

We can help you control and manage spills of any type. Call us at 08 8294 7711 or visit us at for more information

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Prenco Equipment (now trading as Prenco Environmental) was established as a family partnership business in 1961 and was subsequently incorporated to a Pty Ltd Company in February, 1975. It has operated as a distributor, manufacturers’ agent and importer of products and machinery and is based in Adelaide, South Australia. Prenco has sourced and introduced a number of new and innovative products and technology into the Australian marketplace during the company’s 51 year history.
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