Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

Red Roses are the queen of all flowers, making the romantic symbolic Red Rose a perfect coloured rose to send the message of True Love this Valentine's Day!

You can't by-pass this Red Rose beauty on Valentines Day, with over 1 billion stems grown and sold world-wide on this one truly romantic day of year, it still outshines all of the other blooms!

At Flowers for Everyone our beautiful premium long stemmed Red Roses are sourced fresh, direct from our local Australian and International growers, as Flowers for Everyone supports our local growers association ensuring our customers are receiving ONLY the best quality and value for their money.

Send you’re Valentine the Perfect Gift of Purity!

White Roses are the symbol of purity and perfection, making them the ideal choice for your Valentine!

Early traditions used White Roses as a symbol for true love, an association which would later become the hallmark of the Red Roses. However, White Roses continue to endure and retain their symbolism of innocence and purity.

Valentine's Day Fast Facts 


  • More than 100 million roses sold for Valentine's Day.
  • Of cut flower purchases, Valentine's Day ranks #1, making the red rose by far the top seller of the day!
  • Of Valentine's floral purchases, 64% are made by men and 36% by women. 


What the hottest buying trends this Valentines Day? 


  • Red Roses 70%
  • White Roses 20%
  • Pink Roses 10%

Sensual Pale Pink Roses

The Pale Pink Roses are the perfect colour of femininity, they are sensual and passionate making them the ideal gift choice for your sensual Valentine.

Pink Roses have long been a universal symbol of grace and elegance, this glorious Pink Rose in it`s own beauty and subtle shade expresses innocence and joy. The Pink Rose is also a gentle reminder of affections not yet awakened, inspiring the beginning of a wonderful relationship.

At Flowers for Everyone we have designed the picture-perfect valentines gift box, featuring a stunning selection of 12 long stemmed Pale Pink Roses.
SPOILT for choice this Valentines Day!

We have designed the ultimate gift of LOVE to ensure you spoil your Valentine on this one truly romantic day of year.
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Stunning 12 long stemmed Red Roses for only $110 plus BONUS free delivery.

Or send your loved one these DIVINE 24 long stemmed Red Roses which hold the romantic denotation of, "Be mine" and "I love you".

Our dedicated team floral experts, have meticulously designed your unique Valentines Day gift in a Flowers for Everyone signature gift box embellished with an elegant fabric ribbon.

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