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Take the stress out of back to school head lice and let the team at the No More Nitz Specialised Head Lice Treatment Salon take care of everything you need from de-nitting your child to head lice prevention while at school.

It’s hard to believe but “No More Nitz is here to help” Jennifer said. “We’re here to break the head lice cycle with our exclusive natural product and time-saving convenient service. The treatments take approximately 1 hour with extra time given to clients with extremely long hair or excessive head lice.

You may be one of those parents who have tried everything to get rid annoying and embarrassing head lice. Rest assured that there is now a place to go where you can feel comfortable, openly discuss the problem, while the kids watch videos, draw on the large blackboard or simply color in. The treatment cost is minimal compared to parents who spend hundreds of dollars and hours trying to remove the head lice themselves, to find that the head lice return within days.

“Getting rid of head lice is easy, painless and trouble-free, without the over bearing, potent, nauseating smells that come with over-the-counter chemical based products”. By simply following five easy tips, you can prevent your children from contracting head lice at school.

No More Nitz prevention for back to school
Mums and dads can save money and precious time by following these five simple tips.

Tip 1: Girls - tie and/or plait hair daily and try to keep hair at a manageable length.
Boys - use hair gel to make it hard for lice to penetrate the hair and lay eggs.

Tip 2: Spray your child’s hair with a daily preventative spray, preferably a leave in conditioner to repel head lice from other children.

Tip 3: Spray your child’s hat with a head lice repellent spray, daily.

Tip 4: Watch for child scratching. Check your child’s hair weekly for lice and eggs. Wash with a preventative shampoo occasionally. If lice is present, remove eggs manually and then use conditioner and a nit comb to find and remove the lice laying the eggs. If the head lice is too excessive a treatment is highly recommended.

Tip 5: Monthly check ups at the No More Nitz Salon.

There are estimates that roughly 23% of children are infected at any one time and as high as 60% depending on which state and/or area you live in. These numbers are very rough estimates due to the stigma of having head lice which forces both over and under reporting. Schools are now easing up on restrictions keeping kids out of class because many were spending months at home waiting and thus losing valuable learning time. No More Nitz is currently working with NSW schools undertaking a Head Lice Screening Program to help manage the problem.

“I have tried everything under the sun, over the months and even years, to try and help my daughter from getting head lice while at school” said Glenn. After visiting a pharmacy, another father over-heard my conversation and told me about the No More Nitz Salon. To put it simply, he said “I went there, got the head lice removed, followed their instructions, used their preventative products and haven’t had a problem since”.

Upon visiting the No More Nitz Salon, you are educated on the preventative measures for home and the preventative products available for everyday use, home, car and while your child is at school. The salon has the look and feel of a luxury hair salon, but a look closer will reveal that the consultants are treating head lice followed by a haircut.

The salon uses a natural product that is not available in Australia. They also have something else that is very hard to find when it comes to de-nitting, and that is patience and an open ear. These consultants are often referred to as ‘Angels’ by clients.

“We are actually giving control back to parents because generally they don’t know what to do, what to use, where to go or how to get rid of it. They are also looking to be educated on head lice so that their children don’t come into contact with them again” said Judy Holt, Manager, No More Nitz. Parents need to be aware that head lice is getting worse, they are also getting bigger and are building up resistance to prescription treatments, over the counter products and home remedies. The best protection is knowing what to look for: nits which are the eggs appear as yellowish-white dots that stick to the hair shaft; and the head lice are insect like critters that crawl on the head and hair.

Parents that visit the specialized head lice treatment Salon won’t be disappointed and will get exactly what they pay for, ‘No More Nitz’ said client Terrie Cornwell. For more information on No
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