Saturday, September 14th, 2013
Roy Morgan Research has tested nine television commercials intended for the Super Bowl before the game began, with the Reactor – an online device that continuously measures emotional involvement and engagement.

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As you’d expect for ads intended for an event commanding about $3m per 30 second spot, all the TV ads achieved positive Reactor scores, although the average ‘R Score’ (Reactor Score) of 59 was below some sets of ads we’ve tested in previous years.

‘Viva Young’ spot rings a bell for likeability

Taco Bell’s ‘Viva Young’ topped the Reactor chart with an ‘R Score’ (average likeability for the total ad duration) of 63.  This contrasted with Pepsi’s ‘Party’ with an ‘R Score’ of just 54. (See chart below).

The ‘Space babies’ ad for Kia Sorento came a close second with an ‘R Score’ of 62.  What sets these two top scoring ads apart is their ability to build interest and positively engage the audience for their duration.

Click here to View the Reactor Report.

Kia’s ‘Space Babies’ top the ‘Hot Zone

Kia’s engaging ‘Space Babies’ achieved the highest score in the Reactor ‘Hot Zone’ of 59% (percentage of respondents scoring 70 or more out of 100 – see table below) and they maintained viewer engagement towards the end when branding is strongest.  Taco Bell’s ‘Viva Young’ ad ran a very close second with a Hot Zone score of 58.

Click here to View the Reactor Report.

VW will be happy!

Despite the pre-game debate over the suitability of the Jamaican accent featured in the VW ad, it has performed relatively well, building slowly and increasing interest as the VW beetle is incorporated into the storyline.  In fact, the VW, Rav 4 and Audi ads all appear to have successfully integrated their branding into their creative thread – and they have broad demographic appeal.

The results of the two cola ads in the set tell two different stories:

The Coke ‘Chase’ ad builds interest, particularly among males and younger respondents, over the first 30 seconds as the desert race begins – and this interest is maintained for the remaining 30 seconds.

In contrast, the Pepsi Next ‘Party’ ad has polarised respondents and failed to make a real impact even amongst younger respondents. The Reactor indicates that the brand is well received – but that the milk vignette may be turning off some viewers, with interest fading in the last 20 seconds.
The Axe Apollo ‘Life Guard’ ad is well targeted, generating real interest among young males!  However, interest does drop quickly as soon as the brand is introduced, so branding may be a problem.

Go Daddy’s idea not so big

The Go Daddy ‘Your Big Idea’ TVC generally failed to engage the audience, with relatively few respondents committing to either a positive or negative Reactor response – this one may get lost in the clutter.

Michele Levine, CEO of Roy Morgan Research, says:
“The Roy Morgan Reactor test of nine Super Bowl television commercials before the game reinforces the importance of capturing audience attention early in an advertisement and then maintaining it – the Kia Sorento and Taco Bell ads did this very well.  Most of the ads in the set also demonstrated how to effectively integrate the brand into the creative thread in order to maximise the communication ROI.”

For further details about the Reactor or the results of the test of Super Bowl ads, contact:

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