Friday, January 29th, 2010

Melbourne, Australia – 29 January 2010 – Mr Tadashi Miyamoto, Managing Director of Olympus Australia, proudly received an award from SAI Global on 27th January 2010 to recognise almost 15 years of continuous Quality Management certification with SAI Global.

The multi-national company first became certified in 1995. Their choice to become certified with SAI Global was born from a desire to commit to their core value of customer service.

“Olympus is a customer focussed organisation. Creating the best customer experience is one of our company values,” says Managing Director, Mr Tadashi Miyamoto.

Olympus stand by their commitment to quality and say industry best practices have become their minimum standard.

“Application of ISO 9001 facilitates our drive towards continuous improvement and enables us to support our state-of-the-art products with exceptional service.” says Mr Miyamoto. “Continuous improvement of our Quality Management System provides opportunities for growth and enhancement of our core strengths.”

Mr David Crow, General Manager, Australian Assurance at SAI Global said, “This is proof of Olympus’ commitment to quality, excellence and reliability. We are proud to acknowledge their dedication to their management system.”

About the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard
The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001 Standard for Quality Management is the world’s best recognised management system framework. Over one million organisations around the world are ISO 9001 certified.

The Standard requires an organisation to pay systematic attention to every aspect of its operations and set in place processes that ensure its specified goals and aims can be achieved in practice. A strong focus on customer satisfaction and continuous improvement are features of ISO 9001 certified organisations. The Standard is applicable to all industry sectors.

Once a management system is implemented, it can be assessed by an independent, third party certification body to ensure that it meets its stated aims and is in accordance with the requirements of the Standard.

SAI Global is Australia’s market leading certification body, with extensive experience in training, implementation, assessment and certification for all major management system types across all industry sectors, including many major organisations in technology, food, engineering and construction and services.

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SAI Global

SAI Global is Australia's market leading certification body, with extensive experience in training, implementation, assessment and certification for all major management system types across all industry sectors. This includes a growing number of organisations in the healthcare sector, including hospitals, day surgeries, Area Health Services and other government bodies.

SAI Global (ASX: SAI) is an applied information services company that helps organizations manage risk, achieve compliance and drive business improvement through: Delivering standards, regulatory and technical information; Adding value to this information; Creating training, communication and monitoring solutions; and providing assurance through independent assessment. For further information, visit


Sonja Screpis
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Olympus Australia

Olympus Australia Pty Ltd (Olympus) was formed in 1997 as a direct subsidiary of Olympus Corporation Japan.  They specialise in the supply and service of Endoscopy and Surgical equipment to the medical industry; microscopes used for research, medical and industrial purposes; remote visual and non-destructive testing equipment used by industry.

Olympus has always concentrated their energies on areas where they can excel, not simply compete. Their greatest strength has always been their leadership in OPTO-digital Technologies - an integration of state of the art optical technologies and the latest digital technologies. 

James Bowe
P: 03 9265 5426


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