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Depeche Mode World Tour 2013/2014

The influential British electronic music band Depeche Mode has announced big plans for 2013. In April the group releases a new album and on May 7 will begin a world tour starting in Haraykon Park in Tel Aviv, Israel. The tour will include 25 European countries and a visit to the United States as well.

Depeche Mode World Tour

Group members Dave Gahan, who is the lead vocalist, Andy Fletcher on synthesizers and bass, and Martin Gore on the keyboards are now in their 50s and still dress in black. They have been in the music business for half of their lives. Gore told the press in Paris, where the annuncement was made, that the new studio album, which is number 13, contains some of their best music.

Depeche Mode began in 1980 when songwriter and guitarist Vince Clarke, Fletcher, and Gore started a band called Composition of Sound. Singer Dave Gahan joined the group and Clarke and Fletcher switched to synthesizers. They took the name of Depeche Mode, from a French fashion magazine meaning fashion dispatch or hurried fashion. Clarke left the band in 1981 after the release of its debut album, “Speak and Spell.”

Depeche Mode - Speak and Spell

He was replaced in late 1981 by keyboardist Alan Wilder, who became director of the band’s sound until he left in 1995. The present trio of Gahan, Fletcher, and Gore has continued ever since. Depeche Mode’s first single was “Dreaming of Me,” released in early 1981 and the “Speak and Spell” album came out later that year. It reached number 10 on the album charts in the UK. The reviews were mixed, however, and largely favorable only in England.

Depeche Mode - Construction Time Again

In 1983, with the release of “Construction Time Again,” a new sound was evident in the band. The noise created by everyday objects was introduced, with a so-called kind of industrial-influenced sound. Songwriter Gore began to concentrate on songs with social and political issues. For instance, the “Everything Counts” album sings about the greed of large corporations.

Depeche Mode

Reaction to the music of Depeche Mode began to change in March 1984 with the release of the single “People Are People,” when the band went worldwide. It played its first-ever Iron Curtain country tour in Warsaw and Budapest. “Some Great Reward,” released in late 1984, brought another change in theme, shifting to more personal topics such as adultery.

That made the group number 10 in Europe and was the first Depeche Mode album to hit the charts in the United States. Despite the change in the tone of the music, band members were still seen as teen idols in many of the countries they visited. As a result of the 1984 tour, the trio released the band’s first video, The World We Live In and Live in Hamburg. It contained Gore’s first ballad, called “Somebody.”

As the band’s popularity increased, more personal problems confronted the trio such as Gahan’s heroin addiction that caused a near-fatal overdose while performing in Los Angeles in 1995. It seemed for a time as though the band would dissolve, but with Gahan in drug rehab, the trio started recording again. The “Ultra” album was released in 1997 and became number one in the UK and Germany and number five on the list in the United States.

Depeche Mode 2013

The Depeche Mode was on the way back. The Exciter Tour was announced in 2001, sending the band to 24 countries and more than one million fans for 84 performances. Two years later, Gahan debuted his first solo album, “Paper Monsters.”

Depeche Mode has gone on to become the world’s best-selling electronic band with a total of more than 100 million records sold worldwide. It is mainly known for its mix of percussion and keyboard synthesizers and moody lyrics. Q magazine called it “the most popular electronic band the world has ever known.”

The new tour will be the first since Depeche Mode trotted around the globe in 2009-2010 with its Tour of the Universe to support album number 12, “Sounds of the Universe.” The tour began in Luxembourg and then moved on to Tel Aviv. After 10 months and 102 shows, with a live audience of some two and half million, the band ended the tour in Dusseldorf, Germany.

The Depeche Mode’s newest tour will make 34 stops, including London at the 02 Arena on May 28, Berlin’s Olympic Stadium on June 9, Paris at the Stade De France on June 15, Locomotive Stadium in Moscow on June 22, and Olympic Stadium in Rome on July 20. The European part of the tour ends in Minsk, Belarus, on July 29. Then the Depeche Mode is set to entertain ever-growing fans in North America.

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