Friday, January 25th, 2013
In light of a few concerning realities in the region Australian Christians Senate Candidate Vickie Janson comments on the Prime Minister's statement 'the 9/11 decade is over' . Is this a realistic statement or just a faith based announcement?

Apparently ‘non-state’ actors, the term used for independent terrorists and cells, no longer pose the greatest risk to national security. Accordingly while our regional neighbors are increasing their defence spending, Australia is cutting national security spending.

Notwithstanding our Prime Minister's perceived reduction of threat by non-state actors in the region, an alarming 38,499 registered Indonesian churches were provided police protection over Christmas in the religious ‘hot spots’. In Australia last year there were police raids in Melbourne and riots in Sydney with protesters donning ‘6th pillar’ T-shirts. Perhaps the general public may not realize what the significance of the so called ‘6th pillar’ is but lets hope our national security experts realize those non-state actors wearing them are referring to their commitment to ‘jihad’. (Something defined in the Noble Quran commentary as ‘holy fighting, with full force of numbers and weaponry’).

Perhaps our Prime Minister has overlooked recent seditious statements from Ismail Al-Wahwah on behalf of the Australian branch of Hizb Ut-Tahrir (HUT); an organization committed to the implementation of an Islamic state. Yesterday’s headlines read ‘Islamic leaders praise the French intervention in Mali’ and the President of the Islamic High Council of Mali is quoted saying 'this is a fight against crime and terrorism…and has nothing to do with Islam’, yet HUT Australia's Uthman Badar has a different view and refers to this conflict on facebook as ‘Another Colonial War in the Muslim world’. Senate candidate Vickie Janson's comments and link to the article stating the contrary Islamic position was declined on the HUT facebook page.

Other non-state actors are perhaps not representative of threats either; such as Australia's Grand Mufti Ibrahim Abu Mohamed who recently met with officials from the terrorist organisation Hamas.

It is unclear if the Prime Minister believes the threat of non-state actors is reduced because we are seeing aggression from neighboring states rather than individual actors. Yet the rationale for cuts to national security in the current international climate and statements about the end of the 9/11 decade appear to be entirely faith based.

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