Monday, February 8th, 2010
With its February 2010 release, Adelaide based You Grow Pty Ltd is set to break the stranglehold held by international companies on CRM software for small to medium sized businesses in Australia and New Zealand.

“Most small businesses in Australia use either MYOB or QuickBooks as their accounting or Point of Sale software," said Managing Director Cathy Allington.  "youGROW™ is the only CRM software which takes advantage of all the relevant customer and sales information they already have, and makes this all available directly within Microsoft Outlook. There is no rekeying, and no double entry.”

Allington believes youGROW™ will beat the majors due to three key factors:
1. The dominance of Microsoft Outlook. youGROW™ is operated from directly within Outlook. “With other CRM systems, users have to open yet another programme. That’s hard. We are all so busy that we just won’t do it. Most SME’s have Outlook open most of the day. If you have Outlook open, then you have your CRM open.”

2. Making use of all existing information: youGROW™ takes all customer and purchase information, held in the accounting or Point of Sale programme, and intergrates it with customised Microsoft Outlook contact forms. “The biggest difference with what we do is that we started from focusing on the information businesses already had within their accounting or point of sale software. We did not add this on as an afterthought.”

3. One-on-one training. youGROW™ includes eight hours of training with its software to maximise the benefits.  “Our training is customised to suit the business. We teach the business the key things they need to do to build those relationships, and how to use our software to do that. By the end of our second training session, our customers are already doing things like sending out thank-you letters to new customers who bought for the first time last week. They are already practising 'CRM'”.

Cathy Allington has been consulting on CRM for 16 years and has found a major stumbling block to CRM for SME’s has been that most small businesses don’t know where to start building relationships with customers.

“CRM is about communicating with the relevant customers or leads, about news that is relevant to them," Allington says. "It is about building a relationship of trust with your customers, so that they want to deal with you because they feel they have a relationship with you. It is not about just buying a CRM software programme and thinking 'Now I do CRM'!”

youGROW™ allows users to communicate by personalised letter, email, fax or SMS to all clients, or any type of client – based on what they have or have not bought, when they first or last bought, where they are based, how many times they have bought, their average dollar spend – any criteria or combination of criteria.

Prominent Adelaide businessman Martin Baily bought 40% of You Grow Pty Ltd in 2005. “I had businesses that used MYOB’s RetailManager when I was introduced to the youGROW™ concept," Baily said. "We all know it costs far less to make another sale to an existing client, than to find new people to sell to.  youGROW™ made CRM easy, it made sense to me.”

For further details and information about youGROW™ features, contact:
Cathy Allington
Managing Director
You Grow Pty Ltd
[email protected]
Ph: 08 82314990 or 0416203966.

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You Grow is a premium CRM provider of both software and services to the SME sector in Australia and New Zealand.  The company was established in 2005 and now sells and supports its software throughout Australia and New Zealand. For further information visit or email [email protected]

Cathy Allington
P: 08 82314990
M: 0416203966


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