Friday, January 25th, 2013
As biking enthusiasts and professional cyclists converge in Adelaide for the Tour Down Under cycling festival this week, NRMA Insurance is reminding bike lovers to stay safe on the road and insure their favourite asset.

The number of Australians riding bikes has been on the rise over the past three years with around 18 per cent now riding a bike for transport or recreation*.
“With a lot more cyclists on the road both for fun and to get around, it is important cyclists and drivers look out for each other,” said NRMA Insurance spokesperson Adele Buhagiar.

“Research has shown that a cyclist can be lost in a driver’s frontal blind spot from as close as nine metres. This makes it critical for both cyclists and drivers to be aware of what’s happening around them.”

NRMA Insurance recently introduced two types of bicycle cover – Bike Plus and Bike Essentials, to help give cycling customers peace of mind.
Ms Buhagiar said that with so many Australians riding bikes, it made sense to offer a tailored insurance policy for the wider cycling community.
“Some home policies provide cover if your bike is damaged or stolen from your home, however we saw a need to provide more specific coverage to cyclists through a stand-alone policy.

“Our Bike Plus policy covers your bike for accidental damage while in use recreationally, in a cycling event, for third party liability, and theft away from your home.”

“As well as making sure your bike is adequately covered, it’s important to maintain your bicycle and pay attention to road rules to keep everyone safe on the road,” Ms Buhagiar said.

NRMA Insurance offers some tips for Sydney drivers and cyclists:
• Drive with caution and watch out for cyclists at all times, allowing a safe distance when passing them;
• Cyclists should follow the road rules and use cycleways and bike lanes where available;
• Drivers should be alert for cyclists at intersections, roundabouts and in residential streets;
• When riding at night, cyclists should wear bright reflective clothing, secure reflectors to their bike and use headlights to ensure they are visible;
• Cyclists should always wear an Australian Standards approved helmet; and
• Drivers and cyclists should make sure their insurance is up-to-date.

*The Australian Bicycle Council’s National Cycling Participation Survey August 2011 and Australian National Cycling Strategy 2011-16, Austroads.

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