Friday, January 25th, 2013

In today’s busy and very mobile world, smartphones have made communication by voice, text and video easy. Here’s an idea whose time has come making school-to-parent communication so effortless. It’s not surprising at all that schools in Australia are turning to these devices more and more every day.

As school is about to return, technology will be helping inside the classroom from smart-boards to computers, tablets, netbooks and data projectors. In 2013, schools are turning to a new technology to help combat the increasing frustration of communicating with parents. If current trends continue the number of Australian’s using smartphones is expected to exceed 62% by January 2013 according to a Google and IPSOS MediaCT study, making mobile school apps a logical and economical way to let parents know what’s happening at their children’s school.

‘Active School Apps’ are leading the way in school to parent communication with their school communication smartphone apps. It’s no surprise school Principals, IT Coordinators and P&C Committees are rushing to adopt a custom school app for their school. Notes covered in mushed bananas at the bottom of kid’s school bags are now a thing of the past.

With over 70 school mobile apps published in late 2012 across both Apple and Android phones for schools all over Australia, Active School Apps know what schools need in a smartphone app since it was originally built by a mum for her own use. General Manager, Leigh Kostiainen was sick of having ‘bad mum’ days, sending her children to school without a sick note or turning up in school uniform on mufti/casual day.

“We know what information parents need daily, weekly and monthly to be organised for school activities. Gone are the days of parents desperately trying to find out if a sports event has been ‘rained out’. The schools information is loaded into our school apps and pop up messages are sent instantly to parents phones,” explained Leigh.

These days a busy parent with only minutes left to get the children out of the house in the morning doesn’t have time to turn on their computer. They need to access information quickly on the spot. “A custom school mobile app allows parents to get organised anywhere at any time,” said Leigh.

“We are seeing a rapidly growing trend for schools to move in this direction for school-parent communications. It’s cost effective and has a high penetration rate with approximately 90 to 95% of parents downloading their schools app,” Leigh  added.

Government, Catholic and Independent school Principal’s and P&C committees are engaging simple technology to streamline their administrative processes. Take the hassle and drama of writing the humble sick note for example, with a school mobile app parents simply fill in the easy to use form and press send, it goes directly to the office person whose job it is to process the forms.

“The response from forward-thinking schools has been tremendous” said Leigh “Those who have been using Active School Apps for several months now are our biggest advocates - and we reward them for their referrals”.

Building a mobile phone app for your school is simple and not nearly as expensive as you may think, especially compared to similar SMS technology systems that can cost a school upwards of $100 per message. For details on school apps visit It’s no wonder these apps are the No.1 must have item on Principals and Parents wish lists in 2013.

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