Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

Experts warn global warming will create extreme weather, more drought, tropical cyclones and high sea levels.

But thanks to a new exciting initiative, serious action is now being taken to combat climate change. The world’s first Climate Change Fan Farm is about to tackle global warming head on.

While most people are familiar with Wind Farms which generate electricity, a Fan Farm, while physically similar in many regards, is however solely designed to cool the planet.

Where a Wind Farm is situated in high wind areas, a Fan Farm is best sited on coastal perimeters in order to cool the oceans which play a critical role in the planet's weather system.

The Climate Change Fan Farm, comprising a series of specially sited cooling fans facing out to sea, is being sited off the esplanade of Brighton beach in Adelaide, South Australia.

To witness the start of positive action now being taken to cool the planet, the Climate Change Fan Farm will be open to the public from Friday 29th January 2010.  For information go to

The opening coincides with the Adelaide Airport Brighton Jetty Classic Sculptures week which includes both indoor and outdoors exhibits by local and interstate artists.

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Adelaide Airport Brighton Jetty Classic Sculptures

The Adelaide Airport Brighton Jetty Classic Sculptures is held in conjunction with the Brighton Jetty Classic Swim from Friday 29th January to Sunday 7th February 2010.

Exhibition opening times are Friday 29th January to 7th February. Viewing times are 11am - 8pm Fridays, Saturdays and Sunday 31st; 11am - 4pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday; and 8am - 1pm Sunday 7th.
Kym Rothe
P: 0408 338 111


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