Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

Change Investment Management Pty Ltd (Change), a specialist fund manager investing in renewable energy, clean technology and energy efficiency globally, will launch their new Carbon Opportunities Fund at an invitation-only event at The Ivy Pool Bar on 1 February 2010.

The Carbon Opportunities Fund is a unique offering that gives sophisticated investors the opportunity to gain superior returns by investing in companies that benefit from the global transition to a low carbon economy.

Change principals Nicki Ashton, Lisa Wade and Magnus Maynard have assembled a formidable team to drive their new venture.

‘We believe our team has unrivalled experience,’ Maynard said.

‘Our advisory panel - Frontier Advisers, Carbon Bridge and Simon Davey of Epuron - have on the ground experience across all areas of the sector and our research partners - Tru-cost and Evaluserve - are global research leaders.’

Maynard said Change’s advisory board and strategic research partners were hand-picked to complement the Wade and Ashton’s extensive portfolio management experience.

Wade and Ashton are former Citigroup Directors and both were principals at Arkx Investment Management - co-founded by Wade in 2007. Arkx was the first fund in Australia to invest across the ‘low carbon’ sector.

According to Wade, Change has had little trouble convincing investors that the ‘low carbon’ sector is where future returns will lie.

‘Our track record in the sector speaks for itself – plus 25.54% above global MSCI for the 22 months to October 2009,’ she said. ‘We recognise the prospect of profiting from the new energy reality is extremely compelling for investors. But believing in the concept is not enough. Investors recognise there will be winners and losers in the space as well as volatility and they want a product that takes all this into consideration. They require a product that delivers on exposure to the sector in addition to a highly disciplined investment approach. The Change Carbon Opportunities Fund is set to deliver on all those fronts.’

Ashton believes Change’s business model is borne of environmental prudence, changing times and a shift in the expectations of pessimistic post-downturn investors.

‘Faced with a new energy reality, sophisticated investors need new strategies, fresh thinking and smarter fee structures focused on superior long-term wealth creation,’ she said.

‘We also recognise that after the volatility of 2008 investors also expect a little more from their Investment Managers. We have an in-depth knowledge of organisations that are overlooked by traditional funds management portfolios. Change will work in close partnership with investors to help them understand the outstanding new opportunities and to make strategic investments right across the carbon chain. Investing in the Change Carbon Opportunities Fund is the first step towards positioning a portfolio for superior returns in a carbon-constrained economy. And ultimately that’s what we are about: returns.’

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Change Investment Management

Change Investment Management Pty Ltd (Change) is a specialist fund manager investing in renewable energy, clean technology and energy efficiency globally.

Formed in 2009 by Lisa Wade, Nicki Ashton and Magnus Maynard, Change offers sophisticated investors unique opportunities to benefit from the new energy reality.

About the Carbon Opportunities Fund

Change Carbon Opportunities Fund, is a global equities fund with a highly targeted focus on quality businesses in the renewable energy, clean technology and energy efficiency sectors. Portfolio managers Lisa Wade and Nicki Ashton bring with them a rare 22-month track record of excellence in this space, having outperformed the MSCI by 25.54% up until the end of October 2009.

The Carbon Opportunities Fund is about the global shift towards a low carbon economy - the greatest economic opportunity of our generation. While traditional energy will continue to play an important role, there is an irreversible and accelerating shift towards sustainable, renewable and low carbon alternatives. Not only is this the right investment for the future of our society, it's also the smartest decision when assessing financial return on investment in the short and long term.

Change's disciplined investment process includes rigorous analysis of prospective company's financials, technology, processes and management team, as well as scrutinising relevant environmental, social and governance factors. The result is a concentrated portfolio of best-in-class companies with outstanding prospects for profitable growth and superior investment returns, designed to achieve superior long term returns today and into the future.


Lisa Wade and Nicki Ashton
P: +61417 232 676
M: +61404 133 602
W: www.changeim.com


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