Monday, January 25th, 2010

Late last year, Chuck Frey of Innovation tools did a survey of the most improved Mind Mapping software, and NovaMind came second in the survey. This is an impressive result, considering that NovaMind 5, which is set to revolutionize the Mind Mapping software market, has not yet been released on either Windows or Mac, and not even fully previewed on Mac yet.

Even without the release of NovaMind 5, NovaMind was only 6% behind the winner, which makes NovaMind almost certain to be the most improved Mind Mapping software for 2010.

Another very interesting thing is that NovaMind is now the second most recognized Mind Mapping software available, putting it in an excellent position for moving swiftly into first place, both in brand recognition and feature set.

These results are even more significant because NovaMind did not even mention the survey in any of their newsletters, or do much more than post a simple blog post a few days before the close of the survey.

Chuck Frey says:

"Gideon King and his development team at NovaMind have been relentless in pushing the envelope in terms of what’s possible with mind mapping software. It’s really cool to see that you, the readers of this blog, recognize their efforts, by [voting] NovaMind the second most improved mind mapping program in 2009 – and, significantly, only 6% behind MindManager!"
Gideon King, founder of NovaMind says:
"This recognition of NovaMind as one of the two top Mind Mapping programs is very rewarding, especially as we are still putting the finishing touches to NovaMind 5, and only a few people have seen it so far. NovaMind has been the top Mind Mapping program on Mac for the last 7 years, but much of the recent interest in NovaMind has stemmed from the technical preview of NovaMind 5 on Windows, showing that we are right on track in both the Windows and Mac markets.

Rewriting NovaMind from the ground up based on user feedback from the last 7 years has been a huge task, but this survey really shows that going right back to basics, and building the Mind Mapping solution that everyone wants, was the right decision to make. This is just a small taste of things to come, once NovaMind 5 is released."

We would like to thank all those who supported NovaMind by voting for NovaMind in the survey.

About Mind Mapping

Mind Maps are diagrams that work the way people think — they organize the information in the same way our brains organize information. They make it easy to understand, remember, and communicate complex information.

Our brains like thinking in pictures. The smooth curves and colorful pictures used in Mind Mapping create powerful images for your brain to remember.

Mind Maps cater to both logical left brain thinking and pictorial right brain thinking at the same time, which makes them a very good way of storing and recalling information, presenting things to other people, and brainstorming new ideas.

Contact Profile

NovaMind Mind Mapping Software

NovaMind is used by businesses, in education, and for personal effectiveness, for tasks such as note taking, managing to-do lists, brainstorming, research, problem solving, decision making, presentation preparation and delivery, project planning, knowledge management, writing, and many other uses.

NovaMind has been the top Mind Mapping program available on Mac computers for the last 7 years, and has been available for Windows for over 3 years. It is rapidly gaining recognition for its many unique and innovative features and ease of use.

NovaMind 5 is set to take Mind Mapping beyond where any Mind Mapping software has been before, making Mind Mapping even more powerful, intuitive and fun.

For more information about NovaMind, please visit or e-mail Gideon King at Gideon/at/
Gideon King
P: +1-888-583 8123


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