Monday, January 25th, 2010
WITH Valentine’s Day looming, the search is on for the right gift for significant others.

While romance is in the air with chocolates and flowers, sometimes they don’t cut the mustard – so Journo’s Diary author Chris Thomas is challenging people to buy a book instead.

“Laughter is a major component of all successful relationships so a humorous book could be just the thing,” he said.

“Sometimes a book, whether for a man or woman, can be just the thing when you’re not sure what to get someone, especially in the initial stages of a relationship.”

Journo’s Diary tells the tale of a young cadet journalist and his many comical misadventures as he tries to cope with the good, the bad and the ugly life throws at him.

“I wrote it with just fun in mind but there are some poignant observations on life thrown into the mix as well,” Thomas said.

“It does get a bit risque in parts but that’s half the appeal… it’s the same sort of humour that stems from the books and authors that may have influenced me, such as Ben Elton.

“The book also has a frisson of romance in it, as the main character bumbles along trying to find someone as the story unfolds.”

Based in Perth, Western Australia, Thomas has an extensive background as a journalist, writer and actor.

Three of his plays (SMS Mess, The Bonza Land of Oz and Who’s Your Daddy?) premiered in 2008 and his Doctor Who short story One Step Forward, Two Steps Back was published in the collection Short Trips: Defining Patterns.

“I wrote the book I might like to read at the end of the day, or on a plane, keeping it light and easy to read,” Thomas said.

Journo’s Diary is available through, and

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Journo's Diary

As cadet journalist Rick Hughes stumbles through his new job, he has a few problems. Well, more than a few. A seemingly forgettable New Year's fling preys on his mind as he soon discovers the woman he slept with is a wanted criminal.

This is matched with his less than brilliant start with the Weekend Star and his constant inability to actually ask any women out on a date. And George, his flatmate, is a royal pain in the behind.

Journo's Diary is the day-to-day chronicle of Rick's life as he tries to cope with it all, a job made increasingly difficult when the criminal woman he slept with becomes a major news feature. Things get much, much worse before they get even remotely better...
Chris Thomas
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