Saturday, January 23rd, 2010
New reality show, the Ultimate European Roadtrip, featuring an international cast that includes a heap of Aussies, is causing a stir on Foxtel’s FUEL TV as it premieres to the world, here in Australia.

The crazy European tour crossed 13 countries and featured many an experience that seems like a rite of passage for young Australians; from partying in Paris, to beer halls in Germany, there were Mediterranean skinny dipping boat cruises, and smashing ouzo and plates in Greece, we visited the ancient brothels in Pompeii, and reached the summit in Switzerland, there were schnapps shots in Austria, Discotecs in Florence, buckets of wine in St Goar, riding gondolas in Venice and then there was Amsterdam-age!

“We did a lot of partying but I stand by that fact it was experiencing different European cultures, champagne in France, wine in Italy, ouzo in Greece, schnapps in Austria and beer in Germany.”

After a few days the love bus came into its own Kristin and Canadian tour-mate Mike fell in love, other sneaky pairs formed including Postie from Tassie, Stuart with another Canadian named Paula, friends aligned and boundaries were broken down.
Stuart described his trip as a life changing once in a life time journey but warned, “Just don’t intend to get much sleep and also your liver might be affected a little?”

He said it was great to have formed lifelong friendships with some of the people on the trip but that watching it all back on tape was a strange experience.

“Surreal, is probably the best word I can use to describe watching the show and reflecting back to the
Corfu episode, very lucky to be alive!!! Memories start flooding back and the good times live on.”

The good times, the culture clash, the friendships and the fun combines the stories of people from Australia, South Africa, Sweden, America, Canada, India and New Zealand but though they come from far corners their experience is one many of us can relate to.

“It is amazing how many people you talk to that have shared experience to what we went through, it’s visiting all the tourist traps but they are so much fun that everyone has shared memories of these places,” Amy said.

So take a look at an unforgettable trip through Europe as 30 outrageous strangers from around the world put their lives on hold to conquer Europe's hottest cities in an adventure that sees shameless shenanigans, love, lust, desire and disaster mixed in with a whole lot of fun.

The Ultimate European Roadtrip premieres a new episode every Wednesday 7pm (EDST) on FUEL TV.
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The Ultimate European Roadtrip

This 13 part series is currently airing episode 4 this week where the Roadtrip hits Florence, then in next is a crazy few episodes Kristin falls in love, we visit Rome, we get kicked out of Hotels in Greece for an early morning prank that went wrong, Amy is left smashing plates after a traditional Greek dinner and Stuart has a near death experience as he crashes a jet ski in the Mediterranean.

New episodes premiering every Wednesday night 7pm (EDST) on FUEL TV.
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