Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

Melbourne based company Ultramedix Australasia Pty Ltd today announced that in addition to their popular Interson SeeMore USB ultrasound range they have now expanded their range of portable diagnostic ultrasound equipment to offer a greater choice to this expanding market in Australasia.

In addition to the SeeMore™ whose probes are recognized as one of the top 10 innovations of the year by the International Academy of Science and are the first ultrasound probes that plug directly into a laptop, netbook or desktop, Ultramedix now distributes the eZono-3000 and SIUI-CTS 900.

The high end eZono-3000 is a German made portable ultrasound has particular appeal to the niche anaesthetic and ICU market. Where regional nerve blocks under ultrasound guidance have become the recognized standard of care.

The eZono-3000 sets new standards in high quality imaging, particularly of nerves and vessels. Imaging modes include B-Mode and Doppler.
Unique in the world the eZono employs a new approach to shortening the learning curve for the user by using a system of electronic cue cards. The cue cards support:

Regional Anaesthesia: Interscalene, supraclavicular, axillary, intercostal, femoral, proximal sciatic, distal sciatic

Vascular Access: internal jugular, axillary, femoral

Operation is by touch screen and is highly intuitive. Cue cards can be invoked by the user to guide them through every aspect of where to position the probe, anatomical landmarks, recommended approaches, needle guidance and general tips. A built in movie database also allows to user to perform a scan while referencing their imaging to this data, thereby increasing the chances of achieving a successful nerve block with a high degree of accuracy and at a minimimum dosage. Selecting any cue card also automatically sets up best imaging parameters for each anatomical region, decreasing the necessity to adjust imaging controls.

The operational design features of the eZono are such that it provides high quality images for any selected region and allows the anaesthetist to quickly get in, achieve a successful regional nerve block and hand over to the surgeon with a minimum of fuss.

Further advances on the horizon with the eZono this year include additional cue cards and presets for FAST scans and 3D nerve imaging presentation.

The other new model being introduced this month, the SIUI CTS-900 is a competitively priced high performance Portable Linear/Convex digital ultrasound system from China. This laptop format scanner can be equipped with a wide variety of probes, fully meeting different clinical diagnosis requirements. These probes range from 2.5 MHz to 10 MHz and include convex, micro-convex and linear broadband five frequency probes to cover most imaging requirements.

The CTS-900 is compact in dimension and weighs only 4.5 kg. It provides clear images and powerful functions that are usually found only in bulky systems. It is suitable for in-office imaging and bedside checkups in hospitals, outgoing consultations and is also equipped with a handy car charger for field work.

Says Ultramedix spokesman Saul Freedman "we have recognized the need to provide a broad choice of portable ultrasound equipment to cover all clinical requirements and price ranges. All the equipment we now distribute has been carefully selected to offer innovation, price competitiveness, design innovation, reliability and versatility ". Shantou Institute of Ultrasonic Instruments Co., Ltd. (SIUI) has been engaged in the development and manufacture of medical ultrasonic diagnosis scanners, industrial ultrasonic detectors and ultrasonic transducers since 1978.and has an annual production of over 5,000 scanners and 10,000 transducers. Shantou Ultrasound Scanners were awarded the National Technological Progress Prize in China

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Ultramedix now distributes the Interson SeeMore USB ultrasound, the eZono-3000 and the SIUI CTS-900



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