Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

We all know getting fit and healthy is sound advice and benefits the community. However, how many of us know of or have experienced a wasted fitness membership?

Australians are forecast to spend $112 million on the weight loss industry in 2010 according to IBIS, reported by the Herald Sun. New gym memberships are expected to account for $93 million.

Julio Del Cid has been involved in the gym industry for 12 years and says the biggest source of complaints remains the same: gym contracts. “When a member needs to cancel an unused membership and realizes they are virtually unbreakable contracts. This just frustrates the member and discourages goodwill. That is not good for business.”

Julio has collaborated with some health clubs and fitness trainers to organize a website called The website allows people to trial a gym for an extended period of time, however they are not free passes. Free passes encourage sales people to call and call until a prospective member either joins or becomes resentful toward the gym.

“When I worked in a major chain health club, the second biggest source of complaints was the amount of calls prospective members received from our sales people, me included.” Julio warned.

These two factors were the reason why Trial Gyms was conceived. On the website typically someone looking for a gym or a good personal training service can browse through the directory, purchase a 30 day voucher and train. We feel that someone who buys a voucher is serious about a genuine fitness solution rather than a freebie.” Julio says.

The ‘No Sales Pressure guarantee’, a first of its kind in this industry, means that when a shopper purchases a voucher for a listed health club or personal trainer, the listed business is under agreement with Trial Gyms to allow the member to train at their own leisure free of additional sales calls or high pressure sales tactics. It really comes down to good genuine customer service.

Nathan Louey of EFM health clubs, Hawthorn East comments, “The no sales pressure guarantee reflects what we have been doing for years, it just makes sense.”

Julio’s advice is, “this year get informed, get planned and really test the clubs training facilities, services, atmosphere before committing to a contract you may regret.”
Trial Gyms is a unique concept designed to reduce the incidence of people buying gym memberships they never use.

Trial gyms can be found on their website at or 1300 858 134

PICTURE  AVAILABLE:  Nathan Louey of EFM Hawthorn East goes through the rounds of good service.

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Trial Gyms - Australia

Trial Gyms Australia was founded in 2009 as a result of controversy surrounding some unfair gym contracts that brought health & fitness memberships into disrepute. Trial Gyms aims to redress the balance for the benefit of both gym owners and gym users. The founder has 12 years' experience in the fitness industry.
Julio Cesar Del Cid
P: 03 8648 3483
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