Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

The Melbourne-based best-selling author of "Financial Foreplay" has launched her third title, "Sales Seduction", which claims that 99% of the sales and marketing messages audiences see every day are triggering the wrong part of the brain.

Everyone is selling something - a product, a service, a cause or even... you. And right now, every small business owner needs to get more prospects and customers to say “Yes”, for every dollar they invest in sales and marketing.

The quickest way to get to “Yes” is to do what Apple, McDonald’s, and Coca-Cola have been doing for decades – do and say the things that are guaranteed to push the “buy button” in the brains of their customers. Yes, science has actually proven there’s a “buy button” in the brain and it is now possible to learn how to push it with anyone, anytime, and anywhere.

The world’s most successful brands know exactly how to push the “buy button”. They do it expertly over and over because they have ALL mastered 1 simple technique and they secretly hope that their customers, competitors and other business owners never discover what it is.

At the moment, they currently have an unfair advantage over the general public and other business owners that don’t have access to sophisticated neuromarketing research teams and findings. But all that is about to change... In her new book, Sales Seduction, best-selling author Rhondalynn Korolak reveals why this 1 technique is so effective and how any business owner (including a small business with limited funds and resources) can use it masterfully to convince and influence more prospects.

In fact, what it takes to seduce and persuade more customers to say “Yes” to a sales or marketing message is actually really very simple. It's just that there's this ONE little thing that most salespeople and marketers completely miss. It's the simplest thing in the world - and the most obvious, once it is pointed out and explained fully. And it's at the root of every problem that most small business owners are having right now with their sales and marketing efforts. Every successful advertisement, marketing campaign or sales presentation in the world is based on this ONE little thing.

According to Korolak, “Ninety-nine percent of the sales and marketing messages that your audience sees every day are actually designed to trigger the wrong part of the brain. In fact, most will put your audience to sleep, or worse, confuse the decision making part of your prospect’s brain and cause him to have to “think about” doing business with you.

“In order to push the “buy button” in your prospect’s mind,” says Korolak, “you must first learn to do one thing—speak the language of the true decision maker, the old or reptilian brain.”

Sales Seduction, is a simple, step-by-step strategy that small business owners can use to appeal to the old brain of their audience in the only language it understands, and help more prospects and customers to quickly say “Yes”. Sales Seduction has the power to transform small business marketing and sales results exponentially—because it will:

  • simplify the message, make it stand out and be remembered;
  • reduce the amount of time it takes the audience to decide; and
  • work no matter which medium or channel the message is communicated in.

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Rhondalynn Korolak is a Melbourne-based lawyer, chartered accountant, business Coach, speaker, best-selling author and small business marketing expert. She provides advice on profitable growth to corporations, sporting clubs and government agencies and she contributes to well-known publications such as Yahoo, CNN ireport, Kochie’s Business Builders, bNet, Fast Thinking, Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire. Her recent books include Financial Foreplay and On The Shoulders of Giants. Contact her at: [email protected]
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Rhondalynn Korolak
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