Thursday, January 21st, 2010
IPscape, the Australian cloud-based contact centre provider, today launched Keep in Touch (KiT), a cloud-based, integrated telephony service for that can be accessed anywhere and from any telephone.

IPscape KiT provides contact centres with IPscape’s advanced telephony features and call centre functionality from within the salesforce screen. Call notes and voice recordings are automatically inserted into the record for enterprise and unlimited edition users. users can enter any telephone number - home, mobile, office, home office, VoIP - to have all calls routed to that number. Incoming calls still trigger a salesforce screen pop and outgoing calls are billed through the IPscape system, alleviating the hassles of telco reimbursement to staff. SMS and emails can also be routed to KiT for visibility of all waiting voicemails, SMS messages and emails that can be actioned by any KiT user.

KiT also increases the visibility of sales team performance and efficiencies through real-time monitoring and detailed reports of all calls into and out of a sales team. Sales managers have an up-to-the-second view of salesperson call performance and call outcome for better management of people and sales campaigns.

According to Simon Burke, CEO at IPscape, KiT is easily installed into salesforce to integrate CRM with telephony.

‘KiT opens advanced functionality and amazing flexibility - for voice, SMS and email - to the contact centre while still recording call information in the salesforce record so anyone in the organisation has to-the-moment information on every customer,’ said Burke.

‘It also means an instantly available business continuity plan. Everyone can stay at home tomorrow and, with just an internet connection and browser, business continues as normal,’ continued Burke.

At just 2.5cm high, KiT is a slender addition to the salesforce screen, using icons and colour coding to keep users continuously up-to-date and in control. Once engaged on a call, KiT enables fast call logging with a call notes area and wrap code drop down; relieving users of the multi-step procedure of manually entering salesforce activity logs.

KiT is available in four editions from simple to the full IPscape contact centre experience with pricing starting from A$55 per user per month plus call charges (additional to fees).

To see KiT in action, register for the 30 minute webinar on Friday 22 January 2010 (10am Sydney time) at

For more information see the IPscape website at



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