Thursday, January 21st, 2010
THEY say a picture paints a thousand words – and an urban art project in Bayswater has added a real splash of colour and liveliness to the area.

Commissioned to combat graffiti on a new retaining wall near the Bayswater Train Station, the City of Bayswater joined forces with the Department for Planning and Infrastructure to engage young people in a constructive way.

“In early 2009, the City built a new cycle path and retaining wall that runs parallel to the train line from Bayswater station towards Tonkin Highway,” Bayswater Mayor Terry Kenyon said.

“But it became the subject of illegal graffiti and vandalism so it was decided to commission some art work to cover the wall, instead of trying to keep it clean with costly graffiti removal.

“Under the guidance of a professional urban artist, several young people were taught skills in design and paint work and mentored in this particular type of art form.”

Abnormal Design artist Drew Skater took charge of the project, finding participants from local areas and nearby shopping centres, ready to help out.

“He focused on teaching these aspiring artists the right sort of painting skills while encouraging those already involved with graffiti to channel their efforts into more artistic forms,” Mayor Kenyon said.

“There is a lot of self-expression and self-exploration involved because urban art tends to be more abstract than conventional mediums.

“The attraction of wall murals is doing something on a large scale, along with the public recognition and permanence of the art.

“Because of this, the wall mural will help to prevent illegal graffiti while providing striking visuals for local residents and public transport users to enjoy when they go past.”

Urban Art 001 & 005.jpeg: City of Bayswater Councillor Sally Palmer and Abnormal Design artist Michael Barker inspect the new art work.

Urban Art 006.jpeg: City of Bayswater Councillor Sally Palmer with Bikewest Cycling Infrastructure Project Leader Craig Mansfield.

Urban Art 010.jpeg: Abnormal Design artist Michael Barker in front of the urban art work at the launch.

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City of Bayswater

The City of Bayswater is a local government area in the inner north-eastern suburbs of the West Australian capital city of Perth, about 9km north-east of Perth's CBD, and includes the suburbs of Bayswater, Beford, Embleton, Maylands, Morley and Noranda and parts of Mount Lawley and Dianella. It covers an area of 32.8 square kilometres and has a population of 55,801.

Originally, the Bayswater Road District was created in 1897 and, in 1961, it became a shire before attaining City status in 1983. The City of Bayswater is divided into four wards and represented by 11 councillors with the Mayor elected from among the councillors.

Recent developments in the City of Bayswater include the opening of the Galleria shopping centre in 1994, on the site of the old Boans building that burnt down in 1986. Morley is now the largest commercial district outside of Perth and Fremantle and further growth is expected.
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WA council's art project helping to prevent vandalism



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