Friday, January 4th, 2013
“Generation Optimism” Why Gen Ys are positive about 2013
Australians are incredibly optimistic about 2013, with over half believing it will be a better year than 2012, and just 1 in 5 (20%) believing it will be worse. And for every person that believes 2013 will be “about the same as 2012”, almost twice as many believe it will be better. Generation Y were the most positive of all Australia’s generations, with 2 in 3 (67%) believing the only way is up.
Fascinatingly, it seems the older we get, the more pessimistic we get, with a third (33%) of Builders believing that the year ahead will be worse, compared to just 7% of Gen Ys.
Social researcher Mark McCrindle said, “Gen Ys in Australia are just beginning to make their mark in their careers, and with relatively low unemployment, they have options. With the bulk of their working life ahead of them they are empowered to choose a job they feel will satisfy them. Furthermore, Gen Ys are buying their first homes and starting families, so it’s an exciting, positive time of life for many.”
The year ahead will be much better 20%
The year ahead will be somewhat better 18%
The year ahead will be slightly better 14%
The year ahead will be about the same 28%
The year ahead will be slightly worse 9%
The year ahead will be somewhat worse 6%
The year ahead will be much worse 5%
How do you think 2013 will be for you compared to 2012?
“With all the utilities rises finding it harder this year to make ends meet.”
“I'm moving house, retiring and planning a trip to Europe with my granddaughter.”
“Work-wise 2012 has been very stressful because of a new system - next year I will be much more familiar with that as well I have 6 months long service leave booked in.”
Baby Boomer Survey Respondents
“The Baby Boomers are currently downshifting from full-time earning, yet their expenses are remaining high with many being financially sandwiched between their adult children living at home and elderly parents needing more support. With low interest rates impacting their savings returns, and poor superannuation performance in the years since the GFC, it is not surprising that our research showed Boomers to be most concerned about the cost of living.” continued McCrindle.
What we are afraid of:
Despite our optimism, there are certainly areas Australians feel apprehension about in the coming year. When asked how concerned they were about a number of areas in the lead up to 2013, respondents painted a clear picture of the current national mood.
Our 5 Biggest Concerns for 2013
Rising living costs (98% concerned about this)
Gun crime and violence (94% concerned about this)
Economic Instability (93% concerned about this)
Global terrorism (87% concerned about this)
Refugee and boat arrivals (85% concerned about this)
Mark McCrindle said, “Mission Australia recently surveyed 15,000 teenagers on what concerned them, with family finances and making ends meet the most prolific issues. Similarly, our survey confirms this fear rates highly, with 8 in 10 seeing this as an extreme or significant issue.”
A snapshot of fears across the Generations revealed fascinating insights as to how age and experience and determine what we fear. While all generations were concerned about the rising cost of living, Generation Y
were the only generation with climate change in their Top 5 fears, while the older generations were more concerned about crime than the younger generations, and the Builders (over 66) were more concerned about migration and multiculturalism than any other generation.
An analysis of the “extreme concern” compared to the “slight concern” fears reveal the emotionally charged issues and while global terrorism and climate change had the highest “slight concern” rating, rising living costs, and refugee and boat arrivals had the highest “extreme concern” ratings.
About this study: This research was conducted by McCrindle Research through a national study of Australians which received 677 completed responses (see over for full analysis).
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