Thursday, January 3rd, 2013
Program Dates: March 4th - March 8th 2013

The Gawler Foundation is excited to announce it is launching a NEW five day residential healing and wellbeing program especially for people who are dealing with cancer in March 2013.

Held at the Yarra Valley Living Centre, the self-help lifestyle program uses key evidence-based practices and processes to support your body-mind to find its maximum wellbeing and balance.

The program opens up a range of options and choices for people and is complementary to any mainstream medical treatment.

The NEW program is in addition to The Gawler Foundation’s world renowned 10 day Life and Living Cancer Healing Retreat, which continues to be in high demand.

The program is facilitated by qualified and caring staff, with a rich background of personal experience and understanding gained from years of work in this specialised field.

While doctors do lead some of the programs, the Yarra Valley Living Centre is a non-medical facility.

The program draws on key research regarding the many benefits of integrated medicine.

It emphasises the importance of reducing stress and removing physical, emotional and mental blocks so that the body can heal itself.

Many people have already been helped by these key elements and principles and have benefited from the sharing that takes place at the beautiful Yarra Valley Living Centre in the Yarra Valley, Victoria.

During the five days you will learn:

• How to relax deeply, reduce stress and activate your healing potential
• The basics of mindfulness meditation
• The fundamental principles of good nutrition, tailored specifically to the treatment of cancer
• The latest research on the function and power of the mind and its ability to impact positively on the immune system
• How to find meaning, purpose and connection to life
•To recognise and use effective support to sustain health and happiness
•To have renewed hope
• To make informed, effective choices to manage your own healing journey

Additional Services available during the Program:

Massage, Shiatsu Massage and Reflexology: With qualified, experienced therapists, very relaxing and re-energising - good for body and spirit.

Resource Centre: Renowned for its comprehensive selection of books and CDs in the areas of health, healing and self-development.

More Information: Phone: 1300 651 211
Email: [email protected] Website:

Notes to editorial: Please contact Penny Smits at PRhelp for further information – 0424 702 271 or [email protected] A number of people who have attended retreats at The Gawler Foundation are available to discuss their experiences, as is a program therapist/facilitator.

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The Gawler Foundation

The Gawler Foundation helps people to be well. The Foundation works within an integrative, medical framework to provide resources, support and self-help techniques for people experiencing cancer, multiple sclerosis or other serious illnesses. The programs also offer lifestyle approaches to help clients achieve wellness, balance and optimal living. These lifestyle programs are based on nutrition, meditation, positivity and empowerment. For more information visit
Penny Smits
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