Thursday, January 3rd, 2013
Businesses looking to reduce marketing expenses while increasing revenues and profits will find the place to be, in 2013 and beyond! GalaxC’s World First Procurement and Marketing solution is an automated quote engine that makes revenue generation and quick turnarounds that much easier for businesses even as it helps consumers to find local products and services and get free upfront online quotes compared and ranked for easy selection, privately and confidentially.

GalaxC’s innovative lead generation platform can be used for the procurement and booking of both products and services and is set to make all other lead generation methods too difficult and expensive.

According to company spokesperson, Shobha Pai, “Registered businesses will get connected to customers exactly when they are looking for their offerings in real time. All quotes will be evaluated by taking into account not only the price, but also other criteria important to the customer such as time of delivery and the quality rating factor, derived from previous customer feedback. The technology completes the bid evaluation process electronically using these values and ranks them for easy selection by the customer, within seconds. The whole process for requesting a quote up to the booking of the order can be completed in as little as fifteen minutes for urgent requirements”.’s automated features enable customers to book services privately with just one online request (takes just a few minutes). It avoids the time wasting communications; the often many back-and-forth emails and voices calls (including missed calls on both sides, with multiple providers), while still getting the best matched service.

GalaxC's application, according to company spokesperson Shobha Pai, helps create a level playing field for businesses. All registered qualified businesses get leads to jobs coming up from their chosen territories and not just the few providers that are willing to pay high lead fees as is the case with some other lead generators, which can be detrimental to customers as it ultimately bumps up the service charges.

“On’s platform, minimal platform access fees will entitle ProMember businesses to receive virtually unlimited business leads privately in their account and only a small success fee is payable on winning jobs, allowing businesses to quote their best price and pass the benefit to their customers. In contrast other providers of leads charge for EVERY lead irrespective of whether the job is won or not! Even the smallest business providing quality service will be able to easily afford the GalaxC service and can expand their operations at any time as they become more successful,” said Pai.

The website is currently on a membership drive and will launch as soon as it has the critical mass of ProMember subscriptions. It is currently offering free business directory listings and free trials for businesses. Consumers use the service for free. Its launch in Sydney, Australia, will be followed by other cities.

GalaxC is also seeking joint venture distribution partners and affiliates that wish to market the GalaxC service to their database of customers and enjoy an additional revenue stream, such as:

- Business directories, mobile phone carrier companies;
- Charities and community organisations looking for an additional source of funds;
- Government bodies – such as Chambers of Commerce looking to boost business productivity and economy;
- Local community organisations and industry associations who wish to see better standards of services provided to the local community.

The GalaxC solution will provide the means for businesses as well as consumers to get their business or service needs met in the most efficient, inexpensive and transparent manner while still maintaining confidentiality of its users and giving the local economy a boost as it increases productivity and employment opportunities.

For further information, please contact:
Ms Shobha Pai, Director – Communications, 0433 024 910, [email protected] or visit


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GalaxC Online Pty Ltd

GalaxC Online Pty Ltd, a Sydney based company, is soon to launch their World First Automated Request for Quote platform - in beta in Sydney, Australia. The founders Umesh Pai, an Electronic Engineer, ICT and Shobha Pai, BSc with an Executive MBA were drawn to designing their innovative application to tackle the common problems and pit-falls faced by consumers and providers in the procurement and supply of local products and services. Market research conducted by them as well as their personal experiences made it clear that existing pay per click, pay per lead and other such mechanisms really did not contribute to creating value and win-win outcomes for both consumers and businesses. will be providing businesses free trial periods during its beta period and complimentary free business listings for their registration address postcode. GalaxC's services will be attractive even to the smallest business and will be provide a very economical option to all businesses using currently available marketing strategies. Consumers use the service for free.

The GalaxC application can not only provide consumers with upfront compared and ranked quotes for their easy selection within a matter of minutes, but also helps businesses to cut down marketing expenses on long winded, ineffective and expensive methods of getting new business whether online or offline.
Ms Shobha Pai
P: +61433024910


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