Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Rapidly growing start-up Red Button Technologies has opened an office in Melbourne to house its software development team and to be closer to the main telecommunications players and sources of venture capital.

The details of the new office are…
Level 5, 448 St Kilda Road
Melbourne 3004
(03) 8669 1710

The office will be home to Red Button’s software development team, employed through Red Button’s technology partner Optimation Software Engineering.

“Opening an office in Melbourne was a logical decision,” said Chief Executive,= Justin Wearne. “As our technology partner Optimation is based in Melbourne; our software engineers should be located in the same place.”

Melbourne is also closer to the major players in the telecommunications industry and sources of investment funding.

“Having an office in Melbourne is like coming home to me” said Chairman and CTO Reg Coutts who worked for Telstra national office for nearly 20 years.

“We are aiming to raise our profile over the next few months and Melbourne is home to some of the bigger players. Having a presence in the eastern states is part of demonstrating a commitment toward the venture.”

Red Button’s Melbourne office will be home to three software development team members and will provide a place for Adelaide based staff to operate while on business in Melbourne.

Over the last 12 months Red Button has advanced rapidly after receiving a COMET grant from the federal government to commercialise its Connectivity Server application development platform.

The Connectivity Server provides a platform for rapid development, prototyping and production hosting for telecommunications based products and services.

In December 2009, Red Button received $500k investment from Melbourne based Optimation Software Engineering, and earlier in 2010 announced that market research had identified a $130 million market for Red Button’s first product due to be launched in April 2010.

Contact Profile

Red Button Technologies Pty Ltd

Red Button Technologies Pty Ltd was formed in 2006 through a partnership between telecommunications expert Professor Reg Coutts and technology specialist marketer Justin Wearne.

Professor Coutts was a member of the expert panel formed by the Federal Government in 2008 to provide advice on the National Broadband Network which led to the announced policy to invest $43 billion on the national network; he is an Emeritus Professor of telecommunications at the University Adelaide

The company received an AusIndustry COMET Grant in February 2009 to develop the Connectivity Server prototype and to assist with commercialisation of the venture.

In December 2009, Red Button announced that it had received a $500k investment from Melbourne based firm Optimation Software Engineering and has entered into an agreement to develop and commercialise Red Button’s Connectivity Server platform.

Further information
Justin Wearne
Chief Executive Officer
[email protected]
Mobile 0414 744 481

Prof. Reg Coutts
Chief Technology Officer and Chairman
[email protected]
Mobile 0414 477 766


Melbourne Office
Red Button Technologies
Level 5, 448 St Kilda Road
Melbourne 3004
(03) 8669 1710
Justin Wearne
P: (03) 8669 1710
M: 0414 744 481
W: www.redbutton.com.au

Reg Coutts

P: 0414 477 766
M: 0414 477 766


Rapidly growing start-up Red Button Technologies has opened an office in Melbourne.


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