Tuesday, January 19th, 2010
Every hour a homeless pet is saved, thanks to an Internet service which has taken Australia by storm.

PetRescue (www.petrescue.com.au) will this week see its 50,000th animal rehomed.

Its Facebook page 'I adopted my pet from PetRescue' is filled with thousands of entries from happy adopters sharing pictures and singing the praises of their new furry family members.

The online phenomenon has developed a cult following among Australian pet lovers, who trawl the rehomed pet pages, getting a feel good buzz from the dozens of pets starting new lives each day.

"Social media tools and the Internet have allowed us to connect with animal lovers across the country," says Vickie Davy, website spokesperson.

"People don't only visit PetRescue to adopt, they want to hear the 'happily ever after' story of every single pet listed on the website.

"It's addictive. The community really do care about the well being of these guys."

Please visit www.petrescue.com.au for more information.

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PetRescue Ltd

PetRescue (www.petrescue.com.au) is a not-for-profit organisation that finds new permanent homes for unwanted pets. We are Australia’s only national, searchable, on-line directory of rescued animals, and have saved over 49,000 pets since we launched in August 2004.

Bringing together over 600 rescue groups, we collaborate on projects in the community that increase the profile of rescue pets and promote adoption and responsible pet ownership. PetRescue has grown from a rehoming website to a movement which aims to eliminate the need to kill healthy adoptable pets because homes can't be found for them. We believe that by providing information and education in a non-traditional way, we are able reach a large number of the Australian public and help them make informed choices in animal welfare.

We receive over 250,000 visitors to our website every month including families, young singles and retirees; everyone loves their pets! We feel privileged to be able to give these great pets a second chance by acting as 'matchmaker' between them and their new families.

PetRescue is working to put rescue pets into the hearts and minds of people in such a powerful way, that killing healthy, adoptable animals becomes completely unnecessary in Australia.
Vickie Davy
P: 08 9200 6244
M: 0414 187 814
W: www.petrescue.com.au


Every hour a homeless pet is saved, thanks to an Internet service which has taken Australia by storm.


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