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The Sipadan Island is one of the top diving destinations in the world. The Island boasts of the best diving spots in the world. The Island is located in Malaysia. It is a 'must visit' for the best underwater sightseeing. Located on a prehistoric volcano, it is home to over 3000 underwater species. The Celebes sea around the Island spots Hammer Sharks, turtles, Barracudas, Reef sharks, and occasional whale sharks for lucky divers. The spots are accessible through various resorts and booking at the Sabah Parks. The waters also host some dangerous sharks needing instructors and support while diving. This just adds to the thrill.

Many may not realize this but diving at the Island is limited to 140 people a day. This basically means that it is not just a 'drop in and dive' destination. This move was made so as to curb stress on the flora and fauna under sea. The permits can be gotten from the resort one is staying in. They are limited to every resort but transferable. If one resort runs out, another can give the permits if available. The resorts hold preference to people staying over a long stay to short stay visitors. If you are travelling to the Island for this experience, it is best you book with the resort and get your permits before you get really disappointed.

The Island is near Mabul and Kapalai Islands which spot other diving sites. The Islands most famous diving sites are Turtle Cavern, Hanging Gardens, Barracuda Point, South Point and Mid-Reef. These points are all within a 20 minute boat ride. The reefs offer the bluest waters with immediate steep drops from the jee ties. You may spot some of the rarest creatures under sea in any of these spots. The best time to visit the Island is in between March and October. This is a dry season and visibility is about 50 metres. The visibility around the Island is an amazing 20 metres in general. Visits to the island are however fruitful throughout the year. The temperatures are a convenient 21 degrees to 32 degrees throughout the year.

There are nice resorts around the Island that you can book into for your accommodation needs. Mabul resort, Mabul- Kapalai and Sipadan-Kapalai are some of the resorts you can check in. They have amazing cuisines and hospitality. They also have internet and other technological features that support diving. All these resorts are equipped with diving instructors and equipment for your use for Sipadan diving. The Seaventures Dive Rig is a resort built 10 metres above water on an actual oil rig platform. It offers an 'out of the ordinary experience'. It is located off the Island with excellent diving opportunities. There are many more resorts that can be found on Asia Diving Vacation website for your diving needs. The island has developed its features due to its strategic geological positioning. The reefs are exceptional with a mingle of rare formations. The Island is a paradise 500 metres by 200 metres wide. It was referred to as 'the untouched art piece' by the ancient explorers. There are many more features including what can be seen while diving on http://asiadivingvacation.com/.

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