Monday, January 18th, 2010
Video Storage Pro from NextoDI is a completely standalone, portable SxS and P2 raw video storage
device designed for professional videographers. Featuring extremely fast backup from most forms
of flash media to an internal hard drive and an integrated 2.4” LCD screen allowing you to review the
footage the NVS2500 is invaluable in the field.

“With the advent of modern professional flash formats, and the elimination of relatively inexpensive
master tapes, video production professionals are facing high media costs when out in the field” says
Callum Hingston, Managing Director of Region4. He continues “The introduction of the Video
Storage Pro allows expensive flash media cards to be used multiple times when out on a shoot, by
providing a high speed, verified and robust lower cost backup that can then connect directly into
editing systems”.

The NVS2500 is a reliable and easy to use solution when you are on location. It can backup hundreds
of hours of raw footage right where you are; you do not need your laptop and you can eliminate the
need to carry multiple storage cards. Patented X?Copy technology makes it possible to achieve an
ultra fast data transfer rate of 80MB/s. The NVS2500 has its own rechargeable battery that can be
recharged in an emergency or power outage from the included AA battery pack, mains charger or
car charger.

With its high performance, reliability, multiple options for recharging and shock protection with free
fall sensor offering enhanced data protection the NextoDI Video Storage Pro is an indispensable tool
for all Video Professionals on the go.

When back in the studio the Video Storage Pro connects directly to your non?linear editing suite, via
Firewire, USB or eSATA connections allowing instant access to your content.

The Video Storage Pro 2500 500GB Hard Disk has a retail price of $3,021 excluding GST and is
available NOW from Region4 resellers throughout New Zealand.

Hi-res images are available on request - Please contact [email protected]

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Region4 is the leading distributor in Australia and New Zealand for optical disc (CD, DVD and BD) and
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strong relationships with the world’s largest and most innovative manufacturers of disc printing,
duplicating and publishing systems, providing the most comprehensive range of equipment to the
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